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Zhu Yuanzhang " " Kudachoushen; succeed when the emperor was so self – Beijing history? "Said Li Guowen?" Ming Dynasties novelist Li Guowen the founding emperor of Ming Dynasty, claiming to be from the commoner, supporting in trace flow, swept into the ranks, then to Chuzhou. Great disorder under heaven. This is of course pick nice to say, he knew, as a monk, as a soldier, he beg, not very glorious thing raid homes and plunder houses. So, in his essays "Zhu Shi De tablets" in this paper, always stressed that "the world has to help agriculture" and "ancestral home camp Si, the Tian Zhi production". In fact, he is just a homeless unemployed "refugee", and land, and agriculture, and the spring harvest, no relationship. "Refugee", which belongs to the rivers and lakes, and rivers and lakes, is with the ruling class and the ruled class displaced molecular assembly. Sometimes they stood on the official position, people; sometimes standing on folk position against tyranny. When the rulers, they are the rulers of the dog; when the oppressed, they become the daring vanguard. Whenever The people are destitute. on the day of the great disorder under heaven, they rush into danger, desperate adventure, is fighting for the uprising, speculation. Because the farmers fields fetters, the revolutionary, far better than these without fear of losing what the lumpenproletariat, more firmly so ruffian pioneer, Zhu Yuanzhang because of his non essence "farmers", and single-handed in the arena experience for almost forty years, to lay the jiangshan. This is his honor, completely do not need to carefully conceal mentioning. The Ming Dynasty Chen Jiru "Kuangfuzhiyan" contains: "Dynasty often bow offering lidaidiwangmiao, like the former to Henkel said: ‘I and the public are commoner, play the world. The male is a good man! " Add a cup of life." In fact, Zhu Yuanzhang this impoverished proletariat, or lumpenprole, was nothing like the Surabaya pavilion looks better than. From "Zhu Shi De" tablets "more disease since childhood, to the imperial Abbey in. Parents are Jiashen years old, eldest brother of mourning, a support in the flow trace. To the twenty-four years, the Huai army in great disorder under heaven, swept into the ranks……" See, his occupation: as a monk, his blind, did the soldier of fortune, done. His resume: herded cattle on the landlord’s house, in the temple hung over, begged in the street, having robbed in – in. Although in today’s view, this is his advantage, he is more than the proletariat, Liu Bang is more fierce, more thorough revolution, more steadfast. But in the eyes of the feudal era, this has become his disadvantage, these inglorious past, is not on the table. For these classes of birthmark, when the emperor after Zhu Yuanzhang, inferiority, angry, feel ashamed to talk about defiled herself. So, he said, can not constitute; others say he is absolutely untouchable and always untied the knot. The families during the Hongwu Period, through the test of students, Taizu list, one from Jiangxi Wuyuan Zhu lift, attracted to his eyes. If the person is the Southern Song Dynasty of the descendants of Zhu Xi, a turning pro, climb a bit when it is not our fathers glory? Of course, the candidates understand Taizu murderous temper, which dare to lie, and protested against Zhu Xi)相关的主题文章: