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Qingyun "Zhi" Zhao Liying rain advertisement fanyao rain together Sina entertainment news by Huan Rui century produced, based on a novel by Xiao Ding, Li Yifeng, Zhao Liying [micro-blog] [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Yang Zi, Cheng Yi, Qin Junjie starred in the TV series "Qingyun Zhi" in Hunan satellite TV, every Sunday to Tuesday night at 22:00 two free. Broadcast on TV last week in the story, is the magic mountain wave in two wars triggered at any moment. This week will be updated in the plot, Zhang Xiaofan (Li Yifeng ornaments) to save the people in one of the forces of the enemy camp Gong Kui cow, body exposure, return to the Qingyun, but also face his punishment? Baguio (Zhao Liying ornaments) heart Duchuang Xiaofan Qingyunshan, two people overnight rain accompanied by hand, Baguio can persuade the "fly" Rachel? The accident was taken in small cabinet, in that year by Tu Caomiao village after the truth, the demons take the opportunity to burst, small heart can hold? Li Yifeng sent the work the body is exposed to the rain Zhao Liying confession aired this week Hunan TV drama, is the magic in wave hill, "Shi Qingyun cited door, incense Valley people trapped in the array, Zhang Xiaofan arrived at a crucial moment, resulting in the failure of ghosts to crack. But the real Kui cow but at this time, once again plunged into crisis, Zhang Xiaofan a human body exposed to enemy held "mumbo-jumbo Kui cow method. Because of the year of Puzhi commitment, Zhang Xiaofan on the matter has not excuse, "Enigma" was sent to the detention hall was small. Qin Wuyan (Mao Zijun ornaments) and Gold Vase (Jiao Junyan [micro-blog] ornaments) to penetrate the Qingyun steal Zhu sword, Zhang Xiaofan accident Acacia bell disturbed mind, Qin et al Wuyan took the opportunity to escape, escape the evil collusion "in the crime again Zhang Xiaofan was kneeling in the mountain forest. Zhang Xiaofan heart safety door Qingyun Duchuang Baguio, met with Xiao in the mountain forest. Fanyao two people accompanied by hand moving picture in the rain, "you here, I can not come to the moving advertisement and Baguio eyes reveal firm won’t make the audience refer to too distressed". Caomiao village truth is revealed as many positive magic magic war ending war is approaching, Baguio to take Zhang Xiaofan escape door Qingyun, Lu Xueqi rushed to the sword Baguio, two war again. This method appeared to bring Zhang Xiaofan to the court, buried years Caomiao village by Tu truth was finally opened, due to perennial carry such "evil soul eater", Zhang Xiaofan has been invaded by evil, into demons, "what is evil? Is it you or me? What is right, what is justice? You’re lying to me!" The heart does not solve the more intense, magic gas ridden. "Yun Zhi" ending soon, is the magic of battle will be staged, the stars of destiny decide on what path to follow? From Sunday to Tuesday at 22 PM Hunan satellite TV "Yun Zhi" and you Be There Or Be Square. (commissioning editor: vhaha)相关的主题文章: