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Zhang Jin joined the legendary "Pacific 2" Tian Jing also starred in the Tencent entertainment news November 18, 2016, Legendary Pictures announced that a new generation of action star Zhang Jin officially joined the Pacific 2 "science fiction", has become a China protagonist after Tian Jing joined the film. It is reported that Chinese actor Huang Kaijie, Chen Zitong, Lan Yingying, Ji Li, Qian Yongchen will also star, Shaw central and South Korean artist Kim Jung Hoon will guest star in the film. "Pacific 2" days ago has been switched in Sydney, in addition to "Star Wars 7" actor John · Poyega starred in the movie "emerge," the team Dutch act with Scott · Eastwood and Cai Li; American rookie · Spanny also starred in the portrait. "Pacific Rim" the story of the world is directed by Gilmore · Del · Toro and screenwriter Travis · Beecham teamed up to create a sequel, "Pacific 2" by the American "daredevil" director Steven · S· DNET directed successor. By Thomas · Marie · Winterthur, parrant, Joe Jashni, · Gilmore · Del · John Poyega Toro, · ·, Eugen served as Fermi; the film’s producer. Kell, ·,, and · Macleod is the executive producer of the film. Wanda culture group for legendary pictures of the parent company, for a renewed Chinese faces "Pacific 2" culture, Wanda Group senior vice president and international division CEO Jack Gao said, "there are so excellent China joined Pacific 2" cast "is a very exciting thing — a new set the story and Chinese are closely related, Chinese actors will inject new vitality for the movie." Pacific Rim 2 has been exposed Chinese actress Tian Jing has confirmed starred. Prior to this, Tian Jing starred in a number of successful commercial blockbusters, for example, with Jackie Chan co starred in the police story 2013, together with the film starring the "special identity" and so on. It is worth mentioning that Zhang Yimou’s fantasy masterwork "the Great Wall", Tian Jing will partner Matt · Damon and Chinese stars show the wonderful action scenes, the film will be officially released in December 16th this year. It is reported that in 2017 will be released: "King Kong" medium sweet skull island also has the splendid performance. Tian Jing is the star of the company’s signing artists Beijing, its overseas brokerage work by the United States CAA agent. Action star Zhang Jin with "great master" won the thirty-third Hongkong Film Awards for best supporting actor in 2013. Again this year with "IP MAN 3" and "2" by the Hongkong SPL Awards Awards nomination. The great success of the two films also made Zhang Jin a new generation of action superstars. The three film starring "swordsman", "IP MAN brute" and "undefeated" Kowloon will be released in 2017. Zhang Jin is a national martial arts martial arts athletes, served as.相关的主题文章: