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Zhang Jike: what is the impact of hairline? Never thought I’d have a day to write a poet. But I want to write for a long time!!! Many girls will become in Rio, from micro-blog to B station, from the stadium to poetry, from delicacy to share with Koko to travel the two months in the universe I love see beauty, watch all of the tongue on the Chinese, also learned to write poetry, "" I grew up partial partial section now, in this life I am destined to see partial section…… But there are many rival! I said to write love into a living, reviews academic research! There is a peach blossom eyes, there is a hump nose, said the eyelashes, said the side Yan Yan, said the United States ditch, said the thigh line, said…… Days, there is no need to go down a few, the entire Pearl River water, all the vinegar! So, finished work. Haha, a lie. As a poet (animal) in blogger, to give you a big contribution today, recommend a new discovery – Zhang Jike textbook hairline hairline, much to feel love beans handsome effect! Remember the song before the start of the collocation, edible best. As usual, to finally send welfare Oh 1 hair strong first hair volume is not much, it is a man’s half life, do not believe you can see beautiful Ge uncle Xu Zheng, Koko haha it is the users (mainly I) spoof, love beans from small to large hair quite strong positive side or back. The amount of fat is very full, very coarse hair with a tall figure, more masculine handsome man eyebrows eyelashes legs are very long, be worthy of the name of walking people in order to appear hair growth hormone, to make every possible way to bend over backwards to beard powder silk PS Zhang Jike, beard it will seem messy, listlessness and even without a beard, long hair is a little too thick hair will cause a small dog milk, the center of gravity top-heavy so the girls do not Moving on the strange love beans head shaved, he can not shave ah, hormone secretion is too strong 2 of the shape of the perfect amount of hair on it? Immature! He told us that the shape of hair line is the main reason why he looks more handsome! Look at the front hairline, complete, smooth, without any defects to the side of the hair, clear and symmetrical especially this thick, looks sharp temples not only Zhang Jike’s style can attack more adorable side Yan Shuai to burst, beauty to suffocate absolutely is not the end points! Love the hairline and the killer – beauty tip beauty tip is also called M or classical hairline, what meaning ah, a costume is no pressure to look smart as noble metrosexual man is to make the line of sight, to the delicate facial features and I tell you, there is no longer the only tip. Id really God, is not what we say 3 of the standard you see here, said: Well, I have been immersed in the hairline in the husband can not extricate themselves, but the proportion is what. I told you, love, and face photogenic eight body, with longitudinal and transverse hairline is the standard to examine the ratio of longitudinal, Zhang Jike hairline to eyebrow distance, that is, under the court court with atrium height almost, reaching three Court standards on the court than too important, because most of the male values Yan ups and downs and jacket相关的主题文章: