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You know what can bring about her grandparents education grandparent education very much controversy, many mothers often complain that elderly people with children with care, full of negative energy, make people feel generational education seems to have no merit. @ pig mother: my mother is too used to the children, I set the rules for the children, she always behind my destruction. For example, when I don’t allow kids to watch TV, she secretly watches them while I’m out of the house; I don’t give kids snacks, and she keeps me from going to the supermarket to buy junk food like ice cream and potato chips. Mother’s anxiety is more because the children can not be controlled, during the day parents go to work, the child is not in the eyes of the parents, the mother will feel the child uncontrollable will be very anxious. For example: the mother completely prohibits children eating snacks, children instead of snacks more expect, virtually improve the status of snacks in the minds of children. Mother rules, if not respecting the premise of the child, but based on their own desire to control. So grandma’s approach is a buffer. Of course, not to say that grandma secretly take children to the supermarket to buy snacks is right, but everything has two sides, excessive prohibition is contrary to expectations. Simple love: my mother-in-law dotes on my son, and now the child gets angry. The grandmother spoiled him, as long as a little unhappy, hit grandma, speak to grandma, roar and shout. In fact, these are Grandma accustomed to, every time he made mistakes, not obedient, when I educate him, grandma always take care of him, always say that the child is still small, a little wiser. The influence of grandparents on children is magnified. For double worker families, the responsibility of bringing up babies is often falling down to grandparents or grandparents. Old people spend long time with their children. Once they have bad habits and bad temper, they will push their responsibility to their ancestors. Like the case in the net friend, blame grandma doting grandson, lead grandson anger, love hit people. In this case, parents if the child’s "violent behavior" turned a blind eye, let the children mistakenly believe that hitting is right, and slowly develop the habit of hitting people. Parents should immediately seize the hand of the hit, and at the same time, seriously and firmly look at his eyes, let the children feel wrong, and after the children calm mood, and then he reasoned. Such education and guidance, children will distinguish between right and wrong, afraid that he was affected by the behavior of the elderly. @ little fish: our family is just the opposite, the family is too strict, always love the granddaughter of learning, as long as nothing to do with learning, in his eyes are a waste of time. When we are not at home, often forcing children to read books for a long time, the piano. Last week, when she got home, her daughter complained that Grandpa could play ten times for each song, and if she didn’t listen, Grandpa would drive me out of the door to stop. Before giving play to the leading role of parents in children’s education, there is a hit TV play "tiger mother cat Daddy". The grandfather in the play is the most typical representative of Chinese traditional education concept. A question wrong copy 100 times, not allow children to watch TV, play games and so on. With the case mentioned in the grandfather of the granddaughter of the method is like, although I do not fully agree with this tough method of discipline, but this is not necessarily a bad thing, appropriate strict discipline is conducive to children to develop good habits of learning. If you worry about the pressure of children too ~!

你知道吗 隔代教育也能带好娃 关于隔代的教育争议非常多,不少妈妈经常会抱怨老人带孩子不妥,照顾不周,满满的负能量,让人感觉隔代教育似乎没有可取之处。@猪猪她妈:我妈太惯孩子了,我给孩子立下的规矩,她总是背着我破坏。比如我不允许孩子看电视,她就趁我不在家,给孩子偷偷看;我不给孩子吃零食,她就瞒着我带孩子去超市买雪糕、薯片这些垃圾食品。妈妈的焦虑更多是因为孩子不可控白天父母要上班,孩子不在父母的视线范围内,妈妈会觉得孩子不可控会很焦虑。比如:妈妈完全禁止孩子吃零食,孩子反而对零食更期待,无形中提高了零食在孩子心目中的地位。妈妈立规则,若不是在尊重孩子的前提,而是基于自己的控制欲。那么外婆的做法反而起到了缓冲的作用。当然,并不是说外婆偷偷带孩子去超市买零食是对的,而是任何事情都有两面性,过度禁止反而事与愿违。@简单爱:我婆婆很溺爱我儿子,现在搞到孩子动不动就发脾气。仗着奶奶宠他,只要稍有不顺心就打奶奶,跟奶奶说话又吼又叫。其实,这些都是奶奶惯出来的,每次他犯错不听话的时候,我教育他时,奶奶总爱插手护着他,总说孩子还小,大一点就懂事了。祖辈对孩子的影响被放大了对于双职工家庭而言,,很多时候教养宝宝的责任会落到爷爷奶奶或外公外婆的身上。老人跟孩子的相处时间长,孩子一旦有坏习惯、坏脾气都会把责任推给祖辈。像案例中的网友一样责怪奶奶溺爱孙子,导致孙子爱发脾气,爱打人。出现这种情况,父母如果对孩子的“暴力行为”视而不见,让孩子误认为打人是对的,慢慢就养成打人的习惯。父母应立刻抓住打人的那只手,同时严肃、坚定地直视他的眼睛,让孩子感到自己错了,等孩子情绪平静后,再和他讲道理。这样教育和引导,孩子慢慢也会辨别是非,不怕他被老人的行为所影响。@小小鱼儿:我们家情况刚好相反,家公太严厉了,总爱管孙女的学习,只要跟学习无关的事情,在他眼里都是浪费时间。我们不在家的时候,经常强迫孩子长时间看书、练琴。上周回到家女儿告状说,爷爷让她每首歌练十次才能玩,如果不听话,爷爷就把我赶出门外罚站。发挥父母在孩子教育中的主导作用之前有一部热播电视剧《虎妈猫爸》,剧中的外公就是中国传统教育观念最典型的代表。一道题做错罚抄100遍,不准孩子看电视、玩游戏等。跟案例中提到的爷爷管教孙女的方法很像,虽然我不完全认同这种强硬的管教方法,但这也未必是坏事,适当严厉的管教有利于孩子养成良好的学习习惯。如果担心孩子压力太大,父母应发挥自己在孩子教育中的主导作用,和孩子一起制定学习计划、积极和老师沟通、辅导孩子的学习。每天在规定的时间内让孩子完成应该做的事情,学习以外的时间由孩子自由支配,祖辈参与监督即可。这样既达到了管教的目的,也会让孩子更容易接受祖辈的管教。@米粒妈妈:我平时工作忙,很少有时间陪孩子,孩子一直是家公家婆带,周末才接回家。他们总喜欢阻止孩子的行为,在家里老是说这个危险不许碰,那个脏不能摸,出去小区玩,也是怕孩子摔着了碰着了,不让孩子跑。搞到孩子畏手畏脚,越来越胆小了。过度依赖老人,却忘记了父母的责任老人带孩子出于溺爱和责任,怕孩子有危险,喜欢处处保护孩子。虽然他们的出发点并没有错,但过度的保护不利于孩子大动作的发育,不利于孩子探索世界。长期以往会越来越胆小,失去好奇心。孩子的教育,父母不能过度依赖老人,却忘记了自己的责任。发现祖辈过度保护孩子,需要及时沟通,建议老人学会放手让孩子自己去体验。与其抱怨老人带娃不妥,强迫老人去改变自己,还不如花更多的时间去陪伴孩子。在两代人教育观念的冲突中,妈妈的态度和对孩子的高度陪伴非常重要。只要父母引导得足够好的话,祖辈对孩子的影响其实也没那么大。今日话题你会让家里老人带孩子吗?把你的看法发到我们微信公众号“Q宝先锋”的后台来,有机会获得精美好礼哦~相关的主题文章: