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Xinjiang highway 201 line, Mayer storm wind area and 45 were transferred in zhongxinwangzhongxinwang in November 14, Emin (Li Xiaohua) opened more than 8 hours of Xinjiang provincial highway 201, Mayer wind zone sections again suffered wind attacks, caused by passing through the section of the 45 division of passengers and 15 vehicles the car was trapped by the wind, emergency personnel to rescue, all transferred to safe areas. To participate in the rescue of the Tacheng Highway Administration Bureau Maj Tas Emin emergency support base lineman tobay said, 8 winds attack, 12 11:30 am, highway 201 line Mayer ventas wind zone sections of the implementation of traffic control, emergency personnel battled for more than and 12 hours, 227 people and 63 vehicles to rescue the safety zone; 13 in the morning, the wind weakened after the base quickly organized mechanical snow road, 12:00 promised to restore traffic. On the afternoon of 13 gale, base of the 2 cars sweeping car, 1 cars and 1 trucks on the road round to push the snow, in the evening, the wind blew harder, more and more low visibility, wind began to lag trapped vehicles. To ensure traffic safety, start the emergency highway snow disaster emergency plan, 20:40 Xu, notify the police in the provincial highway 201 line K23, K76 set up road closures. 21:50 allow 45 people stranded and the rescue of the 15 vehicles out. The 14 day, the wind is reduced, the base sent snow snow removing machinery road, highway 201 line, Mayer wind zone sections in 13:00 promised to restore traffic. Tacheng Highway Administration Bureau Emin, the wind into the area, slow down. In the wind area encountered snow resistance or "blind" phenomenon, not to seize the road, do not get off the car parked on the roadside, waiting for snow removing machinery to clear the road or rescue. Maj Tas wind area is located in Tacheng Emin County, is a world famous scenic area, the winter here frequently above 8 winds hit, and with the wind blowing snow, vehicles and personnel retention occurred. (end)相关的主题文章: