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Women entrepreneurs choke back investors: I’m not your wife! "Investors, you should know, the only thing that I and your wife are the same is gender," she wrote. "What you need to know is that the woman sitting in front of you now is an entrepreneur – we’re quite different from other people." As a female entrepreneur in science and technology, Dove has rich experience. The investment in the global technology industry is as high as billions of dollars. As for the gender debate, it’s simple: some male investors always find it hard to get rid of the gender inherent framework of women – who will believe that their own women can start a business? Men want women to stay at home xiangfujiaozi. Of course, in this context, it also hindered the development of women on the road of entrepreneurship. "Investors may not realize it, but they will always take the female entrepreneurs and his wife do," she explained, "when investors really like us, we will try, we will communicate with each other, sometimes we want to swear but will be restrained, the reason is that we want to get the money where from the investors, it will treat them so well." She also shared with a VC SMS dialogue, the traditional thought of "the risk of investors in the message expressed distrust of women entrepreneurs: Dove’s experience is not the case, in fact, according to the broader data show that women encounter ability is not recognized in the business and in the workplace are things. Wearable tech clothing company CEO Aniya William said, in order to allow investors to help her company to take off, when communicating with them in their hiding the fact of pregnancy, because she was really worried about men’s risk investors do not agree with her entrepreneurial determination. In fact, very common in the venture capital fund and the circle of this phenomenon: according to the Facebook Managing on the Bias (Management bias) "research shows that if women in their resume publicly that he wanted to" mother ", so their employment opportunities will be discounted, and even being recruited, business owners are given wages are not high. What is worse, which is regarded as a "bad mother (for example, in order to complete an important project can no children)" women will make people feel their love for work; and those who are regarded as "good mother" women, is considered not to work. In the United States, especially in the workplace of Silicon Valley, there is a gender gap, and if this situation can not be changed, it will only bring pressure to Silicon Valley, which wants to create the best working environment in the future. However, investors who do not see female entrepreneurs do not affect the success of Dove. On the day before yesterday, Dove revealed on Twitter that a very low profile financial technology start-up company that she founded had already invested, and soon there would be "big news"! (Translation: shark, editor: PICAR)

女性创业者回呛投资人:我不是你老婆!   “投资人,你应该知道的是,我和你妻子唯一相同的就是性别,”她写到,“你需要知道的是,现在坐在你们面前做路演的女人是个创业者――我们和其他普通人是完全不同的。”   作为一位女性科技行业创业者,内德芙经验丰富。全球科技行业的投资金额高达数十亿美元之多。至于这种性别争论非常简单:一些男性风险投资人总是觉得难以摆脱女性的性别固有框架――谁会相信自家的女人能创业呢?男人更希望女性待在家里相夫教子。当然啦,在这样的背景下,也阻碍了女性在创业道路上的发展。   “投资人可能没有意识到,但是他们总是会把女性创业者和自己老婆做比较,”她解释说,“当投资人真的看上了我们,我们会奉迎,我们也会彼此交流,有时我们想骂脏话但会克制住,究其原因,就是我们想从投资人那里拿到钱,所以才会对他们那么好。”   她还分享了和一位风投的短信对话,这个有“传统思想”的风险投资人在短信中表达了对女性创业者的不信任:   内德芙的经历不是个例,实际上,根据更广泛的数据显示,女性在商业和工作场所内都会遇到能力不被认可的事情。可穿戴式高科技服装公司首席执行官安妮亚・威廉表示,为了能够让投资人帮助她的公司腾飞,在与他们沟通时自己隐藏了怀孕的事实,因为她真的担心男性风险投资人不会认同她的创业决心。   实际上,在风投和基金圈子这种现象很普遍:根据在Facebook上的“Managing Bias(管理偏见)”的研究显示,如果女性在自己的简历公开表明自己想要“做妈妈”,那么他们被雇佣的机会就会大打折扣,而且即便被招募,企业主给出的工资也都不高。   更糟糕的是,那些被视为“坏妈妈(比如为了完成一个重要项目可以不管不问孩子)”的女性,会让人们觉得她们对工作十分热爱;而那些被视为“好妈妈”的女性,则被认为不忠于工作。   在美国,特别是在硅谷的工作场所里,普遍存在性别鸿沟,如果这种情况无法得到改观,那么只会给想要在未来打造最佳工作环境的硅谷带来压力。   不过,那些看不上女性创业者的投资人并没有影响到内德芙的成功。   就在前天,内德芙在Twitter上透露,她创立的一家非常“低调”的金融科技初创公司已经获得了投资,很快就会有“大新闻”出现啦!(翻译:shark,编辑:picar)相关的主题文章: