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The Ideal Wine Cellar: Everything You Need To Get Started By: Jason Connors | Sep 19th 2006 – So you’ve decided to take a large step, and move from wine lover to wine connoisseur. You are going to buy a wine cellar. This guide will give you all the information you need to make this purchase. Wine Bottle Storage The ideal location for storing wine is a dark, draftless area that stays at … Tags: Wine Is Good For You! By: Ken Finnigan | Sep 18th 2006 – In the 1990’s a news report, later titled the French Paradox�"’, was brought to the public eye after researchers discovered that the French who live on a diet of cheese, butter, organ meats, eggs and other cholesterol laden food had a lower rate of heart attack than in America. The results as to why this was so were ver … Tags: Making White Wine: A Labor Of Love By: Ken Finnigan | Sep 18th 2006 – Wine is made in winery and wineries exist all over the world and .e in a variety of sizes. The grapes are grown at the wineries and then turned into wine and there are many varieties of grapes; each one either used either alone or .bined to make different wines. But how exactly is white wine made? To make … Tags: Not So Essential Wine Accessories By: Ken Finnigan | Sep 17th 2006 – As a follow up to my last article, Essential Wine Accessories�"’ I thought it would be interesting to touch on a few accessories that may not be quite so essential but are fun or handy to have regardless. Wine pourers are traditionally made from clear plastic and fit into the neck of a bottle of wine. The … Tags: Essential Wine Accessories By: Ken Finnigan | Sep 17th 2006 – You have decided to join the ranks of millions and be.e a wine enthusiast. You might be wondering to yourself what this entails exactly, and what sorts of gadgets and gizmos are you going to need to properly enjoy your wine. To be honest, there are few accessories that a person absolutely needs to enjoy their wine. … Tags: How To Taste Wine Like A Professional By: Ken Finnigan | Sep 17th 2006 – To many people the sight of a man or woman in a restaurant or bar sniffing and swirling a glass of wine before ultimately tasting it and relaying their satisfaction to the server can seem rather pretentious. However, this is actually the best way to get the most from your bottle of wine; to see, smell and taste every aspect … Tags: Picking The Perfect Wine Rack For Your Home By: Ken Finnigan | Sep 17th 2006 – For many people starting out, it can be a very difficult and oftentimes overwhelming experience picking out the perfect wine rack. While there are many things to take into consideration when deciding which rack is perfect for your needs, deciding which rack to use to store your collection should never be a cause of stress. … Tags: A Guide To Buying Australian Wine By: Andrew Gates | Sep 16th 2006 – Myshopping…au can help you make the right selection of wine for any occasion and to suit any taste. Tags: Metal Wine Rack �"’"�� Beauty And Function Unite By: John Thompson | Sep 16th 2006 – Metal wine racks are designed and structured for the display and storage of unopened wine bottles, and .e in a variety of style and functions. These racks can sit on the floor, hang from the ceiling, revolve or remain stationary, sit on the table-top as centerpieces, or be situated on the wall as shelving or cabinet stora … Tags: Why You Should Use A Wine Rack By: Fraser Neilson | Sep 12th 2006 – There are several ways that you can store wine but without doubt the best and easiest for most people is in a wine rack. It’s the best way to ensure that your wine is safe when stored even for a short period of time. Of course you must always ensure that your stored wine has the right conditions in order to mature properly … Tags: Why Join A Wine Club? By: Burt Cotton | Aug 25th 2006 – Have you heard about wine club? Are you an avid wine lover? Do you like to taste new wines? Well, if you are affirmative to these questions, then you must know about wine clubs and think of joining them. Joining a wine club is a brilliant idea if you are passionate about wines and are always on a constant loo … Tags: Don’t Miss Out On A Trip To The California Wine Country By: Gregg Hall | Aug 12th 2006 – For all wine lovers, a trip to San Francisco should also consist of day trip to some of the fine vineyards that are in driving distance of the city. Many of these vineyards have charter packages available that will pick you up and bring you on a tour through the vineyard and allow you to sample their wines and then take you … Tags: Why Are Wine Cellars Beneficial? By: Julia Martinez | Aug 7th 2006 – Drinking wine is not only for occasions as we all know. What happens when you feel like drinking wine and it is not available? You have a surprise visitor and you want to have this wine but it is not on the market? These situations would be less tough if you have a wine cellar. A wine cellar could store the w … Tags: How To Manage A Wine Cellar Succesfully By: Burt Cotton | Jul 24th 2006 – If you own a wine club or are an avid wine collector, then it’s a must that you know the different aspects and benefits of a wine cellar. So read this article and study the meaning and various management aspects of a wine cellar. Basically, a wine cellar is a kind of storage room or storage lot for wines in b … Tags: Wine Racks: Choosing The Right Wine Rack For You By: John Thompson | Jul 9th 2006 – Wine racks have be.e something that just about everyone wants to purchase and have within their residence. They are supplied in a wide range of styles, shapes and dimensions to fit just about anyone"��s needs. Tags: Wine Accessories – A Wine Lover’s Mark By: Stefan Rockhaus | Jul 6th 2006 – The popularity of wine spreads all over the world. This drink loved by all, is perhaps one of the oldest alcoholic beverages available. A true wine lover not only loves to drink it, but also loves to serve it to other people. For a wine connoisseur, a wine rack is a must to have in his house. Tags: Wine Gifts – Elegant, Thoughtful & Elite By: Tyson J Stevenson | Jun 11th 2006 – Wine gifts are considered as one of the best gifts for men. They .e in a variety of tastes, vintages, colors, wrappings, baskets, labels, corkscrews, stoppers, etc. Many types of wines are available in the market and a variety of vintage wines are sent as gifts. Sending a wine gift is considered elegant and reflects upon … Tags: Wine Tasting "�" A Preference For Red Or White By: Donald Saunders | Jun 1st 2006 – For many of us wine is something of a mystery and when we are buying wine it .es down to a simple choice between red and white and what our local supermarket has available in its "special offer" bin. But wine really isn’t such a mystery at all and, in this area at least, a little knowledge can get you a very long way. Tags: wine tasting, red wine, white wine, rosé wine, blush wine, sparkling wine, wine Wine Tasting "�" Understanding The Wines Of France By: Donald Saunders | Jun 1st 2006 – Are you baffled by the huge variety of French wines and .pletely lost when it .es to deciding which wine will best suit your needs? Each of the eight wine producing regions of France specializes in producing wine of a particular type and flavor and this simple overview will hopefully make choosing French … Tags: Enjoy A Day Of Wine Tasting By: Triston Huntsmin | May 24th 2006 – My wife and I and our close friends recently discovered wine tasting. We had never thought to spend a day touring the many vineyards that surround our home town. Recently, however, when some friends came in from out of town and suggested that they might like to go wine tasting we made the arrangements and set off for a day … Tags: Wine Tours: La Dolce Vita By: Amy Covington | May 19th 2006 – As you pour the first glass of your favorite Chianti or Chardonnay and settle into an intimate Friday evening, you wonder about the wine’s origins. Look no further for the answer to your fleeting Friday night queries-Italy, land of romantics, heroic epics and passionately-written plays. In the countryside and cities where t … Tags: How To Drink Wine Like A Professional By: Barney Garcia | Apr 7th 2006 – Most people like to enjoy a glass of wine once in a while, but to other people, drinking wine is an art form and they take it very seriously. The following article will give you tips on how to drink, taste and serve wine professionally. Tags: Tips On Choosing Your Next Bottle Of Wine By: Gray Rollins | Apr 2nd 2006 – Tonight"��s the night. You"��ve got that special dinner party with friends and you want it to be perfect. You"��ve got the menu .pleted but the question is which wine will .pliment the meal best? Here are some tips for choosing fine wine. Lighter foods need lighter wines while heartier foods need full bod … Tags: Wine Storage Temperature And Serving Suggestions By: Steven Edwards | Mar 23rd 2006 – The love of wine has existed since the dawn of time. Fossil vines, 60-million-years-old, are the earliest scientific evidence of grapes. The earliest written account of viniculture is in the Old Testament of the Bible which tells us that Noah planted a vineyard and made wine (well with all those animals on the Ark what was … Tags: Visit The California Wine Country By: Robert Fore | Mar 23rd 2006 – If you"��re planning a trip to California wine country, there are many resources available that can make your trip fun and enjoyable. Many self-planning guides are available for visitors to .plement the wine tasting experience and make for a pleasurable adventure. Family wineries in Sonoma Valley, Napa Valley, Santa Barba … Tags: How To Choose An Italian Wine By: Gray Rollins | Mar 14th 2006 – Wine connoisseurs regularly boast about their fine Italian wine collections and rightly so. Even if you"��re not a connoisseur, by the end of this article you"��ll be able to put your best Italian wine forward. Italy is best known for its Moscato, Barolo, Chianti, and Soave; but there are numerous varieties … Tags: Keep Wine Chilled – Use A Wine Cooler By: Rory H. Hawkins | Mar 9th 2006 – Wines taste best served at the right temperature. From 7°C for non vintage sparkling to 18°C for vintage port. Different types of wines need to be served at different temperatures. Wine coolers serve the purpose of chilling your wine to the right temperature. Tags: Give Your Loved Ones The Gift Of Wine By: Rory H. Hawkins | Mar 9th 2006 – Christmas, New Year or Valentine’s Day – times for sharing and exchanging gifts. If you are at your wits ends thinking of the perfect gift then there is no better option than a basket of wine and wine accessories. Tags: Choosing Wine On A First Date By: Neil Best | Jan 22nd 2006 – First dates are nerve wracking enough without having to worry about what wine to choose to impress your new friend! One of the great things about wine on a date is that one bottle is a defined amount, normally about five glasses. If shared equally it is unlikely that you will fall off your chair drunk after … Tags: Screwcaps For Wine "�" Is It Bye-bye To The Romance? By: David – The Wine Gift Guy | Jan 21st 2006 – Maybe you"��ve noticed screwcaps on more of the higher priced wines lately. The trend is continuing to grow and so is the debate of whether a screwcap or cork is better for wine. The industry has basically "agreed to disagree" as to whether wine bottled with a screwcap or a cork tastes better, ages better and has less of a … Tags: Provence "�" A Wine Lover"��s Dream .e True! By: Mark Anthony | Dec 28th 2005 – Provence is often overlooked by .panies that offer traditional wine tasting tours, in spite of the excellence of its wines. If you"��re a true wine lover and wine fan, this beautiful location in France offers the most fascinating scenery and, not to mention, some of the best vineyards around. In Provence, a … Tags: 相关的主题文章: