Whether the patient has vital signs after the ambulance arrives 9c8947

The ambulance to the patients for signs of life. The focus of the 1 emergency vehicles to the patients whether there are signs of life? Chen Zhenhui said in court, emergency personnel to the scene after the ECG for the Yang Jianpu, a number of witnesses said the ECG showed significant fluctuations. He played in court a family and the hospital emergency center staff dialogue, to the families of the doctor asked the vital signs, "emergency center director Zhang said, in the throat when inserted, if there are signs of life in conflict, it is difficult to insert in the throat; if people no signs of life, is a very good plug." Chen Zhenhui said, will be carried to the ambulance after Yang Jianpu, the nurse also asked the emergency doctor, Dr. Gao Zilong, inserted into it? High long-i shook his head, then inserted. After more than and 10 minutes, the nurse asked, "did you get in?" Gao Zilong replied, "plug in." This proves that Yang Jianpu was still alive. The defendant argued that the emergency personnel arrived with no signs of life, "the patient already fell on the badminton court in white, loss of consciousness, touch the carotid artery doctor found no chest heaving, no spontaneous breathing, mydriasis, has no signs of life." In this case, the doctor immediately with cardiopulmonary resuscitation, ECG in 04 seconds a day at 15:24 chart shows that patients of ventricular fibrillation and fine fibrillation defibrillation, the doctor, and the establishment of ECG monitoring, the intubation time was 1 minutes, the treatment with conventional medical treatment. At the same time, the clinical diagnosis of Baoding medical dispute mediation committee of clinical experts on the case to make a show, when the ambulance arrived, the patients have missed the gold treatment 5 minutes, electrocardiogram of ventricular fibrillation, no spontaneous breathing, no heartbeat, no blood pressure. 2 due to emergency vehicles cause delays in treatment time? The plaintiffs believe that Yang Jianpu fainted, colleagues call 120 seek first aid. 15:20 ambulance arrived at the scene, but because of vehicle failure, the driver opened the front cover two times, they also push the cart for the two time, but the driver can not start the vehicle. Until the hospital sent second emergency vehicles arrived at 15:38, Yang Jianpu was transferred to the first aid on the emergency treatment of second vehicles, which is a full delay of 18 minutes. The defendant argued that emergency vehicles can not start because of inserting thread off, this is the driver cannot check out, which belongs to the event of force majeure. In 2011 Yang Jianpu was diagnosed with coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, and old myocardial infarction, but also has two cardiac stents. Emergency personnel arrived, he had no spontaneous breathing, electrocardiogram showed ventricular fibrillation is the first time, although the ambulance suddenly encountered a failure, but the heart recovery has been ongoing, second ambulances will Yang Jianpu received emergency center, hospital 70 minutes, on the same day at 16:51 to stop the rescue, the declaration of death. The rescue did not violate the routine medical treatment, death and patients were not directly related to the final. In the medical dispute mediation in Baoding, the experts also believe that the rescue of reasonable compliance in a timely manner, so the ambulance did not delay the treatment of patients with failure. Baoding medical dispute mediation committee of clinical experts to do the clinical diagnosis of the case shows that in the rescue process, the patient has not been a normal heartbeat, the patient’s death, is caused by its own disease.相关的主题文章: