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What’s the most offensive chat list you’ve fouled? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! The impression of the man of God always whispers to the crisp fall graceful bearing, speaking of the ears, then won the grace of the goddess in two words or three, really amazing! We met Ta in real life but there is always a magical skill: chatting with people often make them shut up; the courage to the girls, only a round lie on the other side of the blacklist; girlfriend grievances to tell him, who knows the chatting awkward atmosphere down to the freezing point, it comes with the ice buff. They have a loud name, called chat killer…… The object of this chat chat killer Part1 word is easy to lose the baby some people always want to tease a tease so helpless, chat style is always a minute to want people to lift the table ah wood there, Ta are simplified, can use one word to express emotions never use two words. When you say something in the best of spirits and Ta approached for Ta crazy "Oh", now you can only be downhearted saying "NMB (you)". Psychological but secretly declared love turned the boat". Take a look at the answers to the following questions. Did you shoot? "Oh": sneer, despise and contempt out and out, both men and women recognized "the most hurtful words". Lift table index: 5 stars [] "Oh" hurts friends, ha ha Da disagreeable conversation. Break a person’s heart as long as a "ha ha ha". "Ha ha" as a rich connotation of broad and profound words, expression is widely used in a variety of emotional frustration: "ha ha", the goddess of self mockery when male god oh, contempt Ta have used oh". Where the "ha ha" both can end the conversation ears in a short period of time, "the most hurtful words" fully deserve. "Oh": it is not to say, do not want to continue to talk, a slightly perfunctory reply. Lift table index: 4 stars [] "Oh Oh" using a very low threshold for a wide range of tone compared to the "ha ha" tends to be soft, is the entry-level "chat end word", although only one word as light as a feather, lethality is very high. "The ice fire extinguishers best a be in full swing courtship dialogue". But remember, if more than two continuous reply "Oh" is unbearable, to immediately stop chatting, because the couple is said to have therefore divided! Hand! "I went to the bathroom to sleep": the network spread widely, high visibility, the end of the excellent chat. But there is an unwritten rule that the user must be a man and woman. [lift table index: 3 stars] I went to take a bath in the network that implied strong throw out basic words said: "don’t want to talk to you, don’t bb." But through the brush face small street interviews with colleagues, the reality is just the opposite, the female compatriots with male ticket said that really is a bath to wash, the male is not unfamiliar with a bath please? There are one hundred ways to end an awkward conversation. Bath is not the best choice. But the only sure thing.相关的主题文章: