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What’s going on? Ms. Li’s drink milk every day to eat calcium was measured severe calcium deficiency 6 months pregnant, measured the severe calcium deficiency, osteopenia. It makes her very depressed, they drink milk every day to eat calcium, Gesanchawu also burn bone soup, how can a calcium deficiency? The doctor said the problem in her recently closed two step, all the little sun, no sun, no body can not synthesize vitamin D, vitamin D, calcium absorption is very poor, again in vain. "Originally, calcium is a technology live." Ms. Lee this see light suddenly. Calcium is a topic often mentioned in life. The child body need calcium, calcium is needed in the elderly to tough, healthy youth also cannot do without calcium. How to scientifically and effectively, just perfect to calcium? What should the special population pay attention to? On related issues, the reporter interviewed Zhejiang University Minnesota hospital international medical examination center senior nutritionist Shi Yanyan. Don’t forget to supplement calcium, vitamin D and vitamin D "exercise equivalent calcium Porter, it put calcium from food and medicine to human blood." Shi Yanyan said, the first rule is to supplement calcium and vitamin D. The human body cannot synthesize vitamin D, fish liver and eggs contain some vitamin D and other foods is very rare. People want to add vitamin D, in addition to eating a specific health care products and formula, the most economical, convenient and quick way is to bask in the sun. "In the skin of the cholesterol under UV irradiation, will be converted to the D precursor, and then through the liver and Kidney plus hydroxyl reaction, into a biologically active D." Shi Yanyan said. Women may be worried about the beauty of the sun often lead to skin photoaging. The research shows that it is not difficult to be. First of all, the human body can be a large number of short-term exposure to ultraviolet D, does not require large sun exposure. In addition, even in the case of sunscreen, also does not affect the body synthesis of vitamin D. If the fear of a long spot, you may wish to sooner or later, the sun is not so violent, bask in bask in the arms legs, one and a half hours add up to the sun, you can basically meet the body needs of vitamin D. Because of the underlying disease or other reasons can not bask in the sun, it is best to use drugs or health products to supplement vitamin D. How the calcium in the blood is deposited in the bones, which plays an important role in the process. Aerobic exercise at least two times a week, such as walking, jogging, dancing, etc., can improve the absorption and utilization of calcium. A small amount of calcium, calcium should be several times on the issue, people prone to polarization, some calcium deficiency, or excessive calcium. In addition to calcium deficiency, vitamin D did not keep up, there may be due to improper preparation. In recent years, the market of various liquid calcium is fire, it is generally thought that better than the traditional calcium absorption liquid calcium. In fact, the absorption of calcium in the intestine and stomach is not a place, calcium can withstand acid more than liquid calcium "baptism", successfully arrived in the gut. Many people because of excessive calcium tonic medicine two pronged approach, but also are of high dose. Shi Yanyan suggested that the highest resistant calcium dose was 2000mg days, should choose a small dose of calcium tablets, two or three times a day to take, especially for the digestion and absorption function of the elderly poor, a small number of calcium can effectively reduce constipation, kidney stones, bladder stem node相关的主题文章: