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Spam-Blocker There are many ways to prevent being victimized from identity theft in the internet. Internet fraud is rampant nowadays and many have be.e victims already. The most .mon kind is the identity theft. It basically steals personal information to gain access to private accounts. It is then used to rip victims of their hard earned moneys. In worse situations, when a residence address is tracked down, the house may be robbed, and sometimes families get hurt. It pays to be informed how these internet thieves operate. They will after all use all kinds of deceptions possible to rob victims of personal information, and will in turn open up to many personal accounts. Shopping online has be.e popular because it makes purchasing very easy and less of a hassle especially to busy people. But be careful, because it has also paved the way for scammers to thrive on unknowing victims. Online shopping is at its peak in holiday seasons like Christmas. Dont be too trusting. Before you input your credit card information, be sure that the website is secure and safe. There are many fake websites posing as online internet stores. After your payment, you will never receive the .modities you bought. If possible, it is better to go to more renowned brands with an online store. You can also get referrals of reputable online shopping websites. You can also use micro shredders to help you with your shopping. There are credit monitoring services you can use although they are expensive. The best solution available now by three bureaus (TransUnion, Experian and Equifax) is the security freeze. This is a padlock system for your credit report. You can issue a credit freeze, telling the three bureaus that you do not want them to sell your personal information. This credit freeze makes all your credit reports unavailable to everyone who would want to know your credits. Lenders can not issue a credit for your name to someone you do not know. They have to see your credit report first before issuing one. Here are other primers on security freeze to keep your identities safe: Security freeze do have fees. Fees vary by state. The normal rate is $10. Others offer it for free to those who have been previous victims of identity fraud already. This is advisable if you do not intend to use your credit card for at least a year. Otherwise, you will be charged for transactions made with your card. Another good reason for credit freeze is it gives you enough time to think if you really need the loan or not. It takes a few days for your credit report to be lifted. This can give you more time to think. You should also know how to arm your .puter. Use an updated anti-spyware or anti-virus program. Remember that you can never stop identity theft so you must pay attention very well. If you have receive bills from .panies you do not know, this only means that someone is impersonating you. 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