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The warmth of a city: Henan auxiliary police for the elderly wheelchair umbrella   – Henan Net – people.com.cn people.com.cn September 30 Zhumadian Xinhua (Qi Yifang) in the rain, Henan Zhumadian as an auxiliary driving electric wheelchair old lady umbrella, the way home, his clothes were soaked to the skin. In recent days, such a warm heart of the popular circle of friends, was praised by netizens point is the most handsome auxiliary police, warm men in the rain". September 27th at 4:13 in the afternoon, Lek next stop, pedestrians on the road in a hurry. At the intersection of thirteen incense road and cedar Avenue in Zhumadian, an old woman driving an electric wheelchair slowly through the intersection. The old man did not open an umbrella, wearing glasses are full of rain, wet clothes too fast. At this point, at the intersection of duty police Zhang Wenyuan ran forward, propped up for the elderly umbrella". See this warm scene, the public Wu Fei hurried to take a cell phone. He sent the photos to the circle of friends, and the message is a positive energy youth, like a." In a moment, this message received more than and 20 points praise. Subsequently, this information quickly in a lot of WeChat group, we have forwarded. We praise for the auxiliary police, said he was Zhumadian’s most handsome auxiliary police". It was raining hard, the boy with an umbrella for the elderly, the old lady has been escorted back home, his clothes were drenched by the rain." Public Wu Fei said. "Seeing this scene, I was moved by the young man’s action." So, Wu Fei put down the work at hand, in the rain and friends to contact the local newspaper, he hopes to pass the boy’s impressive moves out through the media, let more people see. It is understood that the most handsome auxiliary police Zhang Wenyuan 20 years old this year, in August to become an auxiliary police. After being praised by the majority of users, Zhang Wenyuan did not take place in their own things to tell the company leadership. In the interview, Zhang Wenyuan said: "I just became an assistant, there are many things to learn at work, this is just a very common thing." Net friend as warm heart auxiliary police point like lost: this scene I saw, when the car drove fast, I did not have time to shoot, the heart looked at the warm. Month Jie: moved, virtually felt the warmth of the community, ordinary work in doing extraordinary things. This is great! A was quiet: good boy! Good, full of positive energy is the people of Zhumadian! For the little guy point like. Leaves: to create a civilized city, the need for more enthusiastic people to participate in, let love sprinkle the earth in the sky. Tireless: with good interpretation of this rain boy is the best. Because there is love in the heart, so his love will spread to every corner! Low-key man: early in the morning, to see this thing, moved to tears. Good boy! Society needs such positive energy. For the construction of a harmonious society, we work together! GTY: good man city! This is the style of a city, the spirit of a city, a city. Cola: the umbrella in the rain, let a person warm; rainy day umbrella, for love to hold up a blue sky. (commissioning editor Song Fangxin and Xu Caihong)相关的主题文章: