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Vacation-Rentals Where to Shop on Pittsburgh Vacations Pittsburgh is a shoppers paradise with its huge malls, antique stores, flea markets, cozy little shops that offer unique items that will cater to all kinds of preferences; best of all, clothes, shoes, and groceries are all tax-free. In the downtown neighborhood, there are the usual malls and shops such as Macys Department Store, Saks Fifth Avenue, One Oxford Centre, and Fifth Avenue Arcade Shops that offer clothing, shoes, and accessories. The South Side neighborhood offers more of unique items, antique shops, arts and crafts, and vintage clothing stores, a wonderful alternative to the big shopping malls of the city as you get to explore a neighborhood as you do your shopping. The Strip District is another neighborhood where you can find wonderful shops and great places to eat; serious food lovers frequent this place because you can find just about anything here, from fresh fish and seafood, imported spices, baked bread, cheese, and whatever else you can think of found in shops or from sidewalk vendors. You are sure to find everything you need and those one-of-a-kind souvenirs and gifts that you can take home with you after your Pittsburgh vacations. Learning while on Vacations in Pittsburgh Learning can be fun and exciting through Pittsburgh vacations. The city is full of interesting museums with interesting exhibits and programs that visitors will actually delight in instead of being bored and hampered down with the information. Examples of these are the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh that consists of four separate museums, namely the Carnegie Museum of Art, of Natural History, Carnegie Science Center, and the Andy Warhol Museum. The Art Museum pioneered the contemporary art museums in the country; it has over 35,000 works of art in their collection and through its constant acquisitions, the number is always increasing. The Museum of Natural History houses one of the most impressive collections of Jurassic dinosaurs in the whole world, scientists and educators and other institutions use this for reference and its other collections extensively. The Childrens Museum of Pittsburgh also provides great learning experiences for children through games and hands on exhibits and educational programs. One of their exhibits is the Garage and Workshop that lets kids find out how things work by giving them free reign and letting them tinker and take apart things such as household appliances to satisfy their curiosity. Their award winning Wel.e to Mr. Rogers Neighborhood exhibit lets children experience what it is like to be an adult, learn how to be responsible, and teach them how to interact with other people. Pittsburgh Vacations on a Weekend Weekend Pittsburgh vacations are short, easy to plan breaks from hectic schedules and monotonous routines that will leave you positively reenergized and refreshed after. A good way to start your vacation is to do some sightseeing aboard a century old cable car on the Duquesne Incline making its way to the top of Mount Washington and get a great view of the Pittsburgh Golden Triangle. If you are a bird lover, the National Aviary should be on your itinerary. The aviary is the largest in the whole country and is the only non-profit of its kind, with over 600 different species of birds, including endangered ones. Located at the heart of the University of Pittsburgh, the Cathedral of Learning is another that is definitely worth a visit. The cathedral is an impressive example of Gothic architecture and is home to the 27 Nationality Rooms that represent different cultures and countries; among them is the English Classroom that was designed after the House of .mons, the Indian Classroom that was modeled after a Buddhist monastic university, and the Japanese Nationality Room that highlights Japanese woodcraft and carpentry. Day Trips for Pittsburgh Vacations For an eclectic mix of sightseeing, museum hopping, shopping, eating, and recreational activities, you can do them all on vacations in Pittsburgh. For great views of the citys Golden Triangle, visitors can take a ride on the historic Duquesne Incline that scales the side of Mount Washington right up to the top and back down again. It was originally built in 1877 and closed in 1962; through the efforts of the local residents, it was reopened in 1963 after being repaired and has been a major tourist attraction ever since. Point State Park also provides some good hours spent in another of the citys historic landmarks, people can see the one of the tallest fountains in the country, go cycling or skating on the park routes, or see the Blockhouse, a remnant of Fort Pitt and is believed to be the oldest building in Western Pennsylvania. Visitors should also try eating at the equally historic Primanti Brothers restaurant in the Strip District and order their hearty and filling sandwiches topped with coleslaw and French fries that has made eating at Primantis a must for everyone. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: