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Not only forget Ma Rong gossip about Baoqiang Wang the Sina entertainment television channel column boiled Kunming love I only hope, Baoqiang Wang as he played many roles like that, is a simple and honest dedication, not attachment and honest. Baoqiang Wang fire, even the limelight over four years of the Olympic Games, occupy the headlines of major media. Until today, the topic continues to ferment, heat unabated. Shagen honest in his "A World Without Thieves" in the honest, never seen the world completely, but fools have fortune, won the thief and Zippo really love. He played in his "soldier assault" in the promise, Nao, Han Leng, finally became a good scout. In his "Hello!" Mr. tree where my tree, mingtu trance, but funny is revered as a prophet of the villagers. He was "the one" in the martial arts play closed in the repair of congenital disability, the legs of different lengths, but the master door Wu Yi, difficult to uncontested. Baoqiang Wang starred in the many roles, but certainly never thought he would become a tragic hero in life. He was born grassroots, there has been no scandal, rely on their own hard work, achievements today. He may have never thought that he would use such a way to become the center of the media and public opinion. In fact, the star is very tired. Today’s Baidu encyclopedia, Baoqiang Wang entry below the cruel add this: August 14, 2016 morning, Baoqiang Wang issued a divorce statement in micro-blog, and his wife to lift the marriage. 15 on the morning of 9 pm, Baoqiang Wang himself in the lawyer who came to the Beijing Chaoyang Court, sued for divorce his wife Ma rong. Chaoyang Court after examination in compliance with the conditions of the case, the case has been formally accepted." Perhaps, to be an ordinary person, there are not so many flowers and applause, but at least, his grief will not be so magnified the exhibition, onlookers. Know him, is "the world without Thieves" this movie. He played a Shagen, honest migrant workers earn hard-earned money, but back alone to go home by train in the body. In any case, he will not believe that there are thieves in the world. He was so simple that he would not have the heart to start another man who wanted to hit him. Instead, he tried to protect him. When he married Ma Rong as his wife, he also believes that the enduring as the universe? I don’t believe in the world. Now, was stolen all of Baoqiang Wang, also believe in love? Learned six years in Shaolin Temple, he can really practice to invulnerability? I have a habit, if you see a person wrestling on the road, I will use the remaining light observation. If the other side is very easy to climb up, pat the dust on the body. I’ll pretend not to see, just walk away. Because he will be seen because of their confusion and embarrassment. But if the man is really hurt, I will go up, raise him up and ask him if he needs help It is said that even now, CNR military to stand up to speak, please don’t bully XuSanDuo soldiers. Presumably, we all know, Baoqiang Wang this time, is subject to serious injury. However, the feelings of the injury, there are相关的主题文章: