Two students drunk drunk after being apart a long time night sea insurance frozen (video) tataufo

Two students drunk drunk after being apart a long time night insurance frozen sea border police and 120 medical personnel rescue site. The figure for them the same as 18 years old, are college students, dinner drink drunk, they drank two cases of beer, walk in the seaside pavilion. If it is not tourists and seaside cleaners found in a timely manner, they are likely to be frozen bad. In early October 4th 7 pm, Huludao, Xingcheng, Xingcheng City, Haikou border police station hospital 120 emergency center has received calls, said in Xingcheng three scenic seaside reef Rover bower, two men drunk, lying in the pavilion remain unconscious on the concrete floor, covered with vomit, fearing the accident. After receiving help, Haikou border police station Zhang Yicheng immediately went to the rescue site, located in the scenic three reef Rover Pavilion two buildings, two young men wearing half sleeves lay on the cold cement floor, there are a lot of vomit and beer bottles are nearby, some remain unconscious. "Every day when they stay the night cold, cold in the pavilion, but fortunately there are some temperature on the face. We shouted immediately, one of them slowly opened his eyes, stood up and walked two steps and then fell to the ground. Another simply did not wake up, the arms are pressed into purple. To see a bag on the ground, we immediately opened the package to the clothes inside the two people put on warm." Police Zhang Yicheng said. Soon, the doctor Zhang Qingwei, nurse, Wang Yue, also came to the rescue. Because of the cold weather in the evening, two young men were frozen. After a preliminary examination found that health care workers found that although the two men are not conscious, but vital signs are normal. For rapid rescue, medical personnel immediately given oxygen, heat preservation, while establishing intravenous infusion, and two young men on a stretcher. We quickly put two people on a stretcher to an ambulance rushed to hospital. Due to timely rescue, the current two vital signs smooth, out of danger. After a simple understanding that the original two young men are from Hebei, and is a primary school students, are all over the age of 18, are now college students. The day of the incident, one of the boys specially came to Xingcheng to visit the students, because not seen for many years, two people were drunk, then came to the seaside. The evening began to drink, may be two boxes of beer after drinking, because of wine, but alcohol began to attack, two people dead drunk simply sleep in the pavilion on the cement floor. Fortunately, 120 and border police assistance in a timely manner, there is no accident. Police and doctors advise: Holiday classmates and fellow meet, not a whim excited. In order to avoid drunken unexpected delays, too late. Daqing man drunk frozen road to help the people out of danger相关的主题文章: