Trash on the ground, Jiuzhai more beautiful campaign launched a new network in Jiuzhaigou

"Trash on the ground, Jiuzhai more beautiful" campaign launched in Jiuzhaigou – Beijing volunteers to participate in public welfare activities "trash on the ground". Wang Peng photo Beijing, ABA 29, September (Wang Peng) "we have to protect the environment, otherwise the earth environment will be getting worse." The 10 year old Tian Zian 29, told reporters that he would carry a garbage bag, see the garbage and pick it up. On the same day, by the Sichuan Provincial Children’s foundation, Jiuzhaigou county government, Jiuzhaigou Management Bureau, nine Brigade Group jointly organized the "trash on the ground, Jiuzhai more beautiful" public welfare activities in Jiuzhaigou County, zhangzha town primary school, students, parents, such as sanitation workers about 200 people attended the ceremony. Activities to start an environmental class curtain. The children Zibianziyan an environmental sitcom, think about and discuss the relationship between human and environment. At the same time, the children are also composed of adults with the parent group, to experience the fun of sending garbage home game, the experience of garbage disposal process is not easy. A mobile phone called the bag I started in the field, the game began to start from the 28 dimensional code in the Jiuzhaigou scenic spot and the county’s 300 sightseeing car promotional activities of the point of promotion. At 10 in the morning, more than 3365 people sweep the yard to play the game, 1184 people share points, spread "trash on the ground" concept of environmental protection through the WeChat circle of friends, play games with donated by the number of garbage bag has 5433. Wang Jieqiong, chairman of the Sichuan provincial children and youth foundation, told reporters that the idea of garbage does not fall, the original idea from the 16 children often do charity. "We hope that through the influence of the child to the family, to awaken people’s awareness of environmental protection, and harmony with nature." Wang Jieqiong said, everyone is not a slogan, it should be the practice of public welfare activities. Tian Zian the fifth grade primary school students is the activities of the volunteers, he told reporters, "if see adults smoke, I will let them pick up the cigarette butts. Some people wipe their mouths to throw the paper, I will let them pick up into the trash can, if they do not pick up, I pick up." At the entrance of the scenic spots in Jiuzhaigou, Ms. Zhang from Hebei to get a small volunteer to send a garbage bag. She said, "this activity is very good, the children are concerned about environmental protection, do such activities, if adults throw rubbish, face to go." It is reported that the "trash on the ground, Jiuzhai more beautiful" public welfare activities of the community support, the famous actor Liu Jin, Olympic champion Zhang Shan, the famous writer A Lai and other celebrities jointly launched "I support children volunteers, practicing junk without landing million video activities; Jiuzhaigou scenic spot guides, sanitation workers, sightseeing car and driver tourists from all over the world will be a joint initiative" I am in Jiuzhaigou, my trash on the ground ", hoping to drive more public attention to environmental protection, to protect the environment. The event will be by the end of September to October 28th, in the Jiuzhaigou scenic area entrance, hotels, restaurants and other tourist information point, 65 points can be set "green garbage bags" free use, free distribution of 50 thousand green garbage bags; at the same time, Lee)相关的主题文章: