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Tori Matsuzaka will be the main film version of "not guilty" challenge unjust hero – Tori Matsuzaka will be the main entertainment Sohu "not guilty" movie Sohu entertainment news (compiled Domino) actor Tori Matsuzaka will serve as Gong Yuexin day before the original Kanzaki Yuya painting "cartoon" can’t make a live action movie starring in the film plays the protagonist Yu is blowing positive. > > > > learn more on entertainment information, please enter the Sohu video channel drama "impossibility" is a mysterious man on the black suit Yu phase is relying on people to achieve the principal blow as the killer mystery novels, he shot the scene of the crime show unable to find the killer "impossible crime". The comic is still in the series, will be issued in November 18th fifth volume reprint. The film is currently directed by director of "white stone" and Kayako Sadako vs as a leading scholar, Tori Matsuzaka said he had a love Kanzaki teacher works "the departed" is the first challenge Ssangyong, own injustice heroes, for shaping the role is unknown, is looking forward to, hope to be in a movie in fully show the charm of the original. It is reported that the film is scheduled to be released in 2018 to meet with the audience.相关的主题文章: