This is how the Japanese instant noodles play bad!

This is how the Japanese instant noodles play bad! The world’s first instant noodle was invented in japan. And after this, people full of imagination and creativity of the island, a variety of instant noodles play is simply to reach the acme of perfection, abruptly to play bad rhythm ah Jun instant noodles! Meng Meng Da series of Pokemon Picacho cup because fish is too adorable, some people also began to collect fish in neon…… Small make up for a long time, I think this fish plate is really magic ah! In addition to the Picacho outside, other fish noodles are adorable in line began to flourish. Hey, what seems strange things into the mix…… You do not care about these details will not lead to series of Japanese samurai Oily Bean Curd this instant noodles instant noodles is the biggest bright spot is a big Oily Bean Curd inside, bubble open, tofu will absorb the delicious soup tastes delicious ~ super super delicious! Oily Bean Curd is made use of 100% round soybean, thick yet chewy soft. The soldiers who Hand-Pulled Noodle the same brand shrimp tempura, this series there is a Japanese samurai tempura shrimp Hand-Pulled Noodle. Delicious soup to eat tempura absorption super delicious, with crisp tempura, feeding with delicious, fresh and natural feeling into them, buckwheat noodles of vitamin D1, B2 is 3 – 20 times more than wheat flour Oh ~ ACECOOK butter salted vegetables and corn cup noodles if you just look at this one package, what can you guess this is the protagonist of noodles? When ha good Xiaobian first sight that is egg yolk…… The result turned out to be a piece of butter! The original butter can also become the protagonist! Is lost in the next, indeed as expected neon people’s creativity is unlimited…… A flat Star Club mayonnaise Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables Japan’s most popular star of a nightclub mayonnaise Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables joined the game, mayonnaise, or mayonnaise! Taste really super stick! Noodles to chew up Q teeth. Was wrapped in thick sauce noodles, and finally sprinkle with seaweed powder, not feel niwai, a just perfect refreshing. Nissin cup noodles chicken soup and milk soup flavor while listening to a bit strange, but the high popularity of the Internet in japan! It is based on chicken soup, the ingredients are Steamed chicken, carrots, onions, cabbage, corn, there is also a pack of pepper packets, taste great! This series of instant noodles instant noodles Kyoto zoo zoo in Taiwan in 2015 the famous show "Kangxi" had recommended, Japan is also selling instant noodles. Do not look particularly cute packaging, in fact, very good taste yo, plus the best noodles, is definitely the perfect match! Hokkaido series for non fried noodles, seemingly not much, but much beyond expectation after boiling, enough for two or three individual components!相关的主题文章: