The wisdom of the French Buddha said that people who have wealth should practice

Buddha said: French wisdom has a wealth of people should do "practice" although the complex wealthy heart open, multi line "not arrogant. (source: Phoenix Buddhism) [] (Fo Yan) is not the original classical music wine Bo greed, often ashamed of germany. Although the complex wealthy heart open, multi line "not arrogant. – "precepts" [] this is the interpretation of Scripture the Buddha told people how to practice giving paramita a passage. Don’t like drinking, gambling and other bad behavior, remove the heart of greed, shame is ashamed to be ashamed of the fear of evil, evil, good care of yourself, have always alert, ashamed of moral reflection. Even with great wealth is not in heedlessness, against extravagance frugality. Often for charity, and therefore not born arrogant heart. This is a practice of giving paramita. [introduction] "classic" precepts, volume seven. Northern Liang · Dharmaksema translation. Also called "good student", "the precepts of the". The Department of Health said: Buddha Mahayana precepts (in a ring), and around this description, giving six degrees paramita. All the content will be diversity, hair Bodhi Heart, sadness, relief and other twenty-eight products. Among them, the "goods ordained" as the focus of the present, the Buddhist Bodhisattva vows that from this product.相关的主题文章: