The Wanning Raiders of the riding riding track article-pullip

The Wanning Raiders of the mountain riding riding track article known as "overseas Taoyuan" "Hainan" the first mountain called Wanning Dongshanling is also a lot of riding friends to a site. The water in this way by riding ", is not only physical stimulation, mind release, intimate dialogue between man and nature, and the human society tenderness." Qi Funing, President of the Cycling Association of Hainan, Wanning, commented on the ride in Wanning. Wanning Shanhai riding track cycling route total length of 70 kilometers, the route has been Wan Town, Mao Zhen, Ann Town, and the town of Yue four town features. Along with "Hainan" the first mountain is renowned at home and abroad Dongshanling, "the most beautiful bay" Hua Kok and many other view in the bag, can be called a must in Hainan. The warm-up exercises, and proceed to the first rays of the morning sun, and le zhen! In the triangle intersection met dumplings shop, must stop a taste of authentic and dumplings. The soft glutinous rice and fat but not greasy black pork farm seafood mix, plus the salty sea duck’s egg embellishment, sweet and salty properly, soft and smooth entrance. Limited space has begun to protest the stomach, but the mouth can not stop. If there is not craving, a native of Hainan coconut pineapple dumplings, dumplings, dumplings, shrimp and crab dumplings Gangbei etc. all kinds of dumplings waiting for you, think it is drool with envy. To the north of the port, is another kind of fishing style. Busy fishermen carrying fresh seafood caught in the morning, the face of the joy of harvest. No matter which one of the 365 days of the year, this unremarkable seaside port has never lost its vitality and enthusiasm. Ride here, just like walking in a beautiful painting colorful amorous Yumizhixiang in. The North ferry ferry "mini" is not to be missed in the scene, this is where the "big miracle" riding route highlights. Through the "mini" ferry help into the Kennedy Peninsula in the Kennedy Peninsula, meets the big flower corner. Hua Kok is named because of its charm is not a cobblestone majority, fine white sandy beaches, but can see the works of nature – like, extraordinary as if done by the spirits the entire coastline is composed of huge stone, the waves beat the pebbles, crab leisurely lying on the rocks, enjoying the joy of autumn. From the big flower corner, all the way along the country road, to the "first mountain" of Hainan dongshanling. The mountain is not high, but the immortal name. Dongshanling is not because of the high altitude is known as "the first mountain in Hainan, but because it cannot hide the aura and the long history culture and pure natural landscape. The hearts of the people in Hainan is already a "Lingshan", the mountain on the East Temple, Chaoyin temple, Buddhist temple and Zhenwu, is attracting domestic and foreign tourists come to pray. Take your car, come on, carefree riding in the village, the Wanning star mountain complex. In the way the scenery, feel the heart surging every beat, dance and release speed feet like the wind, the new harvest healthy and beautiful life brought by the low carbon cycling movement. (Yau Chao Huang Liangce)相关的主题文章: