The voice of the war China bear full range top debut – hosted entertainment Sohu

The voice of the "war" China bear full range top debut – hosted entertainment Sohu   " " Chinese good tongue; China Sohu entertainment news 2016 has entered the fourth quarter, known as "the China good tongue to China, in addition to debut in the just concluded" Chinese new song "bird’s nest, the pinnacle of the night. This year has not been formally as any one program host. Although it has been active on the TV screen, but China’s identity is more diversified, as the host appeared less and less. In the broader field of China did not give up work. It is reported that in October, Zhejiang TV effort to build the heavyweight music program "voice of war" will be hosted by China platform will be the first, this variety show this year, he served as moderator of the whole. Again up the Zhejiang TV entertainment show hosted by the banner of China will bring what kind of surprise to us? Zhejiang satellite TV host blockbuster franchise, China again new music program this year although China rarely participate in the variety show host, but he did not disappear in the television stage, but has been trying to do more to try something new, now China has not only is a television presenter, director, actor, singer, writer, judges etc. He is the new identity. Enter the fourth quarter, China will once again focus to preside over the work of the Zhejiang satellite TV, featuring heavy build music program "sound of war" host. For the new program, he is full of confidence in China, organized by the Zhejiang TV before the four quarter at the meeting he had talked about "my voice is and the indissoluble bound, also very grateful to the Zhejiang TV’s trust, we look forward to all the people together to create a new festival." As the top of Zhejiang satellite TV host, China has a very rich experience and excellent quality of host host. From "I love the lyrics in mind" to "sing" love will win "The Voice of China China", starred in the Zhejiang TV music programme host, the ease in the show is also impressive, believe "sound war" by him at will the program to bring more exciting. Good tongue can reproduce Nitian port broadcast? The voice of the "war" software configuration adds a netizen color statistics, China with a speed of 7.44 words per second, read a 350 word advertisement for 47 seconds, but don’t get stuck, no mistakes, not vague, living human normal speed increases more than two times. As a result, China has a title, "Chinese good tongue", some netizens with guards to describe his speech broadcast broadcast. In the new show, "whether Chinese good tongue will reproduce the wonderful China broadcast? Worth looking forward to! It is reported that the program produced a strong lineup, stage lighting and sound hardware equipment are the use of the latest international technology, not only for the G20 summit, professional services team, as well as the domestic first-line singer’s music producer, is invited to a number of Chinese music superstar star tutor Pro autobiography grant mantle. From hardware to software, the voice of the war is the top configuration to build. While China’s portrait of joining, is for this file.相关的主题文章: