The third session of the promoters of the running Culture Award Ceremony cum book conference perfect spyair

The third running culture enabler awards ceremony cum book launch a perfect ending – Sohu reading   rustling autumn wind blew away the haze, laughter sharing as Dongsi imagination?. The afternoon of November 15th, where and for culture jointly sponsored the third cultural enabler awards ceremony cum "running horse" life, ran to the New York book conference, held in Beijing Dongsi sharing?.   "100 ma life, ran to New York" new book       photo; forum link; forum guests share – Mao Daqing   forum guests share – Tian Tong Sheng;   Zhishengda culture founder Chen Xiaohui shared through three years of efforts, running cultural promoter to win more and more attention, promote the public to actively participate in run, running to promote Sino foreign cultural exchanges, provides domestic running culture sharing. As the China runners tribute World Marathon Grand Slam pearl, "horse uncle Tian Tongsheng and her daughter Tian Shichuan co wrote third books –" the running horse ran to New York life, "officially published. Today, as a way of life sharing platform Dongsi? Are ushered in more than fifty share from the government, enterprises, individuals and the media running up to the people gathered together. Just a week ago in New York to complete his life eightieth marathon run where co-founder Tian Tongsheng, founder of 3:47, as well as for culture out of personal best marathon in New York general manager Chen Xiaohui has delivered a speech to ebullience. 55 years old was the first step in the life of Tian Tongsheng, with his own life story to run the interpretation of running from the start when it is not late. From the beginning he himself, to promote family run, to promote the enterprise running, and promote the city run, until the development with China running around the world. From the beginning of 2014 in cooperation with the daughter of Tian Shichuan’s creation has been running picture books, continuous creation three years, published the "marathon of life, from the age of 55", "horse" and "Boston life, ran to the horse ran to New York" life. Tian Tian is expected, with students and Shichuan co creation of the fourth book "running horse" to life, London has entered the start-up phase. In order to publish a good book to run to run for the culture of general manager Chen Xiaohui, tells the story of the culture is not only for the running published nearly 20 books, and all senior executives have finished the marathon, more than half of employees have completed the life of the first horse, he is harvested in the just concluded New York marathon a "Grand Slam World Marathon six finisher medals", he also became the first person to complete the Grand Slam China press. Since, for culture advocate "ten years grinding sword craftsman spirit", with the positive energy of the corporate atmosphere affects every employee. Chen Xiaohui believes that publishing is actually a kind of culture, culture is actually to endure the loneliness and time to a certain extent, the "lonely spirit of ten years of grinding sword craftsman, and consistent with the marathon, so Mingmingzhizhong to form a closed loop. Where’s co-founder, CEO Chang Chun Lu相关的主题文章: