The teapot seal, how much do you know

The teapot seal, how much do you know about dating: India section inscription dating in the history of our country such as other crafts, porcelain, bronze Yan is also quite common. Annals of the India section in two ways: one is the old emperor, such as "Ming Zhengde eight years spring", "thirteen years of Qianlong" another is the combination of the heavenly stems and Earthly Branches annals paragraph: "Wanli jeongyujaeran", "gengzi year". The name of this paragraph: pot mark, inscription, calligraphy and painting, or buy the pot custom India section. A good teapot, making it the creation of calligraphy and painting, and collectors can participate in the play, forming a stone strong taste of art, such as the history of the "Ming Yuan" and "Mansheng" and "Oman Tuo room" and "Bing Xin road" and "source far hall keeping bin system etc.. Studio: Studio style began in the Tang Dynasty Li Mi’s "India section end of the room", so early in the Ming Dynasty purplesand appeared on the Church of India, including vegetarian, museum, hall, Xuan, etc. This is not the only one detail. Such as "Sang Science Museum", "de Tang", "Yang Xian Xi Yin Wang" and "ink edge Zhai Jing Tang system". Trademark: trademark India section is a product of the late Qing Dynasty, is the firm signs, such as "Chen Ding" and "Victory Company" and "gold trademark", "iron Book Xuan" etc.. Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan language: language India section originated in the Shang and Zhou, Gu Xizhong’s "Italy", "long" is born. The club is in the purple inscription and Qing Dynasty popular auspicious in the Republic of china. "Longevity", "longevity", "treasure" etc.. Xiao shaped paragraph: more for the system of the pot shaped zodiac, but there is no lack of a pot, set the pot of this kind of Xiao shape mark. Design patterns, poetry and other names, etc.. Here we do not describe one by one. An exquisite work, in fact, vigorous, shape, God, gas, are all good rhyme pot, if can, on pieces of the art fully and delightfully India section, become purple pottery and stone art complement each other, enrich the connotation of the pot.相关的主题文章: