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The real version of "no" if the wine sold: Disabled father dying daughter – Lei Lin never abandon public channel every day to the hospital to speak to father ICU, hoping to wake his father twenty-five years ago, she abandoned him keep her adult twenty-five years after he was dying she never give up in a car accident, let Changchun 67 year old ray lying the ICU of the hospital yesterday, more than half a month, the doctor said, even survive, can not guarantee the quality of life. When the family wants to give up, but we must resolutely fight for daughter Lei Lin until the last moment, even if it is a vegetable, but also to take care of my father." 25 years ago, was born in Quxian County, Lei Lingang to the world, but was abandoned, when the age of 47 single disabled ray Changchun to hold her back home, alone to raise her adult. Just like the movie "" take the wrong car inside the disabled may like thunder Changchun abandoned babies, with 20 years of time to write their own "no" if selling dry wine. Father love winter, Lei Lin cold lips purple. Father put his quilt out half of cotton, stayed up two nights to sew a small Linlin "decent" cotton padded jacket. No one should be disabled after birth twice father took her home in 1991, the movie "theme song" who teaches "no" if the wine sold, swept across the Straits, in the movie the disabled abandoned babies may, by picking up bottles to sell may raise, touching. That year, Lei Lin was born in a village in Quxian County. Lei Changchun sister recalled that the child just born, parents took her to the other families, more than 1 years old, the family felt the child is not good, emaciation with sallow complexion, she once wanted to be abandoned. "At that time I happened to know about it, and my brother was not married, and he was willing to bring up the child." At that time, the 47 year old ray Changchun is a leg disability, relying on fishing for a living. The family did not force him, in the face of two times, no one wants to, he took the child back home. The 25 year old Lei Lin and her husband working in Shenzhen, the child just over 5 months, the family monthly income of 7000 yuan, rent for her, "if you want to have a real home on the outside, I do not know coming to what month". But talking about his life, she claimed to be "lucky" because they met the father of ray Changchun. "If I didn’t have my father, I don’t know where I am?" His hard life still insist that children complete their education on a fishing and doing odd jobs for a living father, children from primary school to senior high school, Lei Lin said, at the time of their rural home, so she seldom finish high school. And father together day really hard, Lei Lin remember the primary school, the students are wearing winter jacket, she can only get a unlined garment, class cold lips purple. The father thought of a way to put their quilts out half of cotton, stayed up two nights to sew a small Linlin "decent" cotton padded jacket. This jacket she kept until today. In order to reduce the burden of Changchun Lei, Lei Lin graduated from junior high school when the thought of dropping out of school, but was father scolded. In 2009, she graduated from high school, to the newspaper相关的主题文章: