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The opera "Fang Zhimin" in the National Day gift Fang Zhimin granddaughter visit Beijing – rehearsal in Beijing on 20 September, (reporter Gao Kai) the National Theatre opera "Fang Zhimin" on the 20 day of the media to visit the set, the drama starring the same day as the media showed the wife of Fang Zhimin Miu Min after the wonderful aria. And a special guest – Fang Zhimin’s great granddaughter, Fang Minglu also came to the rehearsal scene. 80 years ago, the Chinese workers’ and peasants’ Red Army Long March victory, which is a great feat in the history of the Chinese revolution, Fang Zhimin, is this in the history of China left a deep footprint of the revolutionary martyrs. Fang Zhimin is not only a proletarian revolutionary, is an accomplished poet. He is in the beginning of the long march of the Red Army, as China spearhead against Japan Red Army Military Committee Chairman, but unfortunately in jail in March on the road. The bars, he wrote "the lovely China", "poor" and other famous immortal. In 2015, the National Grand Theater launched the revolutionary history theme of the original opera "Fang Zhimin", in the play, Fang Zhimin and the military director Hu Yi in prison contest as the main line, with the manuscript in prison and had written "lovely" and other Chinese process as the main content, a reflection of his great patriotic spirit and firm the ideal of communism. The 20 day show Arias are: the second half of seventh song "azalea" is Fang Zhimin’s wife Miu Min arias. Although Miu Min was poisoned in prison, but her unwavering revolutionary will. This aria by YINGSHANHONG image expresses Miu Min "fire rebirth bieyanghong" heroic feelings. The second half of fifteenth. "If I can survive" is the voice of the soul hero sacrifice, lyrics taken from "lovely China" in the most affectionate one of the most touching words, this is a period of arias in the Fang most fully and delightfully. As a revolutionary hero of the descendants of Fang Zhimin, Fang Minglu since childhood listening to grandfather’s story, the hero’s spirit with her 20 years of history. For the opera "Fang Zhimin", she also has a sincere feelings. In the Beautiful Arias heard, she was also deeply touched, at the scene with director Liao Xianghong about the past and never fade warmth hero of the revolutionary spirit. Liao Xianghong said: "unlike other martyrs, Fang Zhimin is not only a military strategist, but also a poet. He wrote the article has a strong literary nature, more suitable for opera performance, but also more likely to resonate with the audience. The opera must have both literary beauty and artistic beauty. At the same time, in the current round of rehearsal, we by Fang Zhimin and his comrades, relatives, enemies of the scenes, more delicate depiction of Fang Zhimin’s heart, let the audience see not only a distant hero, but a true to life Fang Zhimin." As the National Day festival, the opera "Fang Zhimin" will usher in the second round of the heat played from September 28th to October 2nd during the national day. (end)相关的主题文章: