The old man suffered medicine scam stranger cheated forty thousand yuan synnex

The old man suffered "medicine" scam cheated forty thousand yuan by a stranger who lives in Kunshan, Lee phoned to say, when I buy medicine doctor, was a stranger fooled cheated more than 40 thousand dollars, which is how it happened? Recalled his own experience, 60 year old Lee, not to fight. He said he has been plagued by cervical spondylosis. Traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine to eat a lot, is not good. In February of this year, he suddenly received a strange courier, which also contains two books. These books are a self proclaimed, Chinese Association for the rehabilitation of lumbar diseases. The book says the company has a specific drug for the treatment of lumbar disease. Try holding the attitude, Lee contacted each other. A self proclaimed expert Tian Deyun said on the phone, they can not only cure lilaobo cervical disease, but also to send him money. Can heal and get money, Lee is very happy to buy the other medicine. But after eating a few boxes, not to see what effect, lilaobo doubt. Afraid to delay the disease, Lee had to continue to buy medicine to eat. But until October of this year, 12 boxes of medicine down, money is spent more than 40 thousand, the disease is still not good. Lee began to feel wrong. However, at this time, the unexpected happened – the other phone suddenly stopped. Lee it was foolish eye, is caught in a liar? Doctors found a purchase record provided by Lee, Lee, the so-called drug purchase, in fact most of no drug. The doctor reminds, usually when people buy drugs, we must look for the packaging Zhunzi ". At present, Lee has been reported to the police.相关的主题文章: