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Home-Appliances Matthew Norman Carriage Clocks are regarded as the finest carriage clocks in the world. It has earned worldwide recognition as a specialist in Mechanical Carriage Clocks. Prestigious jewelers, antique shops, and clock stores around the globe carry the brand. By reproducing some vintage models, and also by giving the clocks a bright new look, Matthew Norman was able to write a new chapter in the history of carriage clocks. Each Matthew Norman Carriage Clock is made hand by hand, part by part by experienced master watchmakers. Only noble and high quality materials are used, mainly polished brass, which gives the clock their radiance and weight. It is underscored by beautifully cut glasses, and coated with a protective varnish or rhodium-plated. It also makes use of innovative materials such as precious wood and leather, stingray, and colored glasses. Matthew Norman clocks are equipped with strikingly visible mechanical movements on which all its parts are polished and decorated. The timepieces are emphasized by engraved cabinets, dials with masks, lacquered decorative patterns, or stained glass window effects. The most elaborate, as well as the main movement, have an additional mechanism for the chiming, repeater, or alarm mechanism, as well as for a calendar and moon phase displays. The Matthew Norman Collection of Carriage Clocks is based on two traditional styles. One style imitates the 19th century carriage clock, while the other style is inspired by its classical aesthetic values infused with a modern touch. The 19th century replicas are grouped into four collections, the Corniche, Gorge, Anglaise, Ovale collections, plus the newly introduced Opera classic models. With the collections distinctive aesthetic, it is easily recognizable. The carriage clock in each collection .es in different sizes and with different finishes and clock movements. Matthew Norman Carriage Clocks despite being innovative has regained the popularity and old world charm of the carriage clock. By fusing the old and the new, he was able to create elegant, luxurious, classic carriage clocks, which is able to stand its ground in the modern world of digital timepieces. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: