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The principal of the loan losses can be guaranteed by the government bank three common responsibility – Chongqing Channel – October 9th, reporter learned from the Municipal Finance Bureau, the Municipal Finance Bureau, City SME Bureau, city Industrial and Commercial Bureau recently jointly issued the "Chongqing Small and micro businesses loan risk compensation provisional law", as from the date of publication. The interim measures proposed political Silver Bear cooperation model, that is, small and micro enterprise loans when the principal losses, the government, security, the three parties jointly undertaken by the bank. Municipal Finance Bureau sources, small and micro enterprise loans, including small and micro enterprises and micro enterprise loans to support entrepreneurship loans (excluding Real Estate Company loans, financing platform loans). Small and micro businesses loans after the loss, meet the following four conditions, after approval can obtain the risk compensation: one is the standard in accordance with the provisions of these measures, the implementation of this approach to small and micro enterprises in new loans. The two is a cooperative bank and Guarantee Corporation in accordance with the provisions of its creditors due diligence investigation, approval, management, collection, recovery and other obligations. The three is the cooperation of the Guarantee Corporation has been compensated, and in accordance with the "management approach" to write off bad debts of financial enterprises, Small and micro businesses to recover more than 180 days has not yet recovered the liquidity loans and loans (micro entrepreneurship support Guarantee Corporation to guarantee corporate lawyer’s letter began to send the first count); banking financial institutions in accordance with the provisions of the "bad debts management" financial enterprises to recover more than 180 days have not been recovered by direct credit, pledge or guarantee provided by way of micro enterprise loan support (banking financial institutions to be calculated business loans to send the first letter of attorney letter began). The four is to apply for Small and micro businesses liquidity loans, enterprises need to visit the Chongqing municipal small micro enterprise loan risk compensation management system for registration, and by the county where the Department in charge of SMEs and SME Bureau preliminary examination and review; the application of micro entrepreneurship support loan companies need to the district Industrial and Commercial Bureau signed submissions in enterprise before the loan "Chongqing small micro enterprise loan policy application form", and only in a bank financial institutions for micro entrepreneurship support loan. It is reported that in the "political Silver Bear" mode of cooperation, the cooperation between the bank and the cooperation of the Guarantee Corporation to confirm the adverse, Small and micro businesses and Guarantee Corporation in accordance with the provisions of recovery after 180 days confirmed the loss of liquidity loans, loss of principal will be "political Silver Bear" 3:2:5 share; micro enterprise business support (the principal) according to the loan risk loss banks and guarantee agencies, municipal finance, county finance 4:3:3 ratio bear. City Guarantee Corporation compensation ratio does not exceed 10% of small and micro enterprises working capital loans and micro enterprises to support loan losses (principal) of the total, the city’s financial compensation by the actual compensation of 50%. (reporter Liao Xuemei) (commissioning editor: Qin Jie, Zhang?)相关的主题文章: