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The Korean version of "cold" and a remake of startling step by step ratings frequently – Sohu entertainment "capsize" poster startling step by step: Li   Sohu (the Kong Zhao) Korean entertainment news "" startling step by step on attracting much attention from the start, this is not to fire at home once the play of palace of Qing Dynasty in Korea was snubbed, the first set of ratings was 7.4%, no opponent second episodes only rise to 9.3%, after the launch of a road from the bottom of the ratings, become the three biggest Korean public channel time viewing the worst episodes. In China, the play also created a Tucao ocean, watercress score 6.2, well below the original score of 8. Half of the audience shelling directing skill and his sons supporting acting as "zero", is a capital of the embarrassment. In recent years, China and South Korea TV drama exchanges frequently, each other also used their remake of hot drama, "Autumn in My Heart", "Eve’s temptation", "Stairway to heaven", many of the classic dramas have been remade, in addition to the recent "startling step by step", "energy-saving" will also take on the Korean. The first half of the descendants of the "sun" fire will also Chinese remake version, but few successful examples of the original transplant to other countries in the limelight is always dismal ratings, bad reviews. "The climate does not suit one." and "down to earth", making industrial system differences and other factors make South Korea Drama remake frequently capsized, most of them end in tragedy. Each remade into common, most dismal ratings that year, Nicky Wu Liu Shishi version of "startling step by step" was a smash hit, so many of the audience Chinese adapted from the Korean version of the Chinese is also of concern. The highly anticipated topic of "Korean" startling step by step: Li long ago in South Korea has finally launched, and is continuous two episodes in the form of a collection of domestic public high Yan value actor "Li" is startling step by step in the Korean cold, continuous bottom ratings, Tucao sound constantly. In recent years, China and South Korea TV drama exchanges frequently, each other also used their hot drama remake. As of this year, one of the most popular foreign drama department, "the sun descended" finished by China eyeing, "the sun" seed production NEW is currently in discussions with the Chinese remake. Not long ago, the news leaked Yang Mi studio bought the 2015 hot drama "she is beautiful" remake rights; in February this year, "the gentleman’s character" is also reported to the Chinese remake version of the news; last year Zheng Shuang, Jing Bairan starred in "love" is a remake of the shuttle Millennium 2012 popular drama "Queen inhyeon. Man". China production companies are busy a hot drama in the bag. After ten years of baptism, the "Korean wave" domestic drama remake of popular drama, is not what happens. However, Every dog has its day! In recent years, many local China series win an unprecedented popularity in the Korean movie circle overseas, has also recently suddenly reversed, fascinated by Chinese TV remake. In addition to "startling step by step", starring Zhong Hanliang Tang Yan, last year’s idol drama "energy-saving" ratings hit. South Korea MBC TV introduced the why copyright broadcast, the same drama in South Korea burst red. This year, South Korea for the remake of the drama, Strike while the iron is hot., broadcast drama’s root相关的主题文章: