The Fed hinted that December rate hike may halt the troops and wait mmhouse

The Fed hinted that December rate hike may halt the troops and wait Beijing time on Thursday, the Fed announced in November to maintain interest rates unchanged, known for some evidence economy continue to move forward towards the goal "". The Fed also said inflation upward interest rate hike to further increase the probability, which pushed up the market expectations of interest rate hike in December. Two members voted against. The Federal Reserve at the November meeting to maintain the federal funds rate unchanged 0.25%~0.5%, but said the probability of further increase in interest rates. Prior to the September statement, the Fed said interest rates rise. As in the past, the Fed stressed that the future will only slow rate hike. November conference is only a week away from the U.S. presidential election, the market is generally expected the Fed will not act. The Fed did not explicitly mention the presidential election in this statement. The Fed says "some evidence" for the economy to move forward". The wording was similar to that in the September meeting, but the meeting used "". "Some" indicates that the extent of the need for evidence is not high, that is, the Fed believes that the threshold for the next rate hike is relatively low. Last year, the Federal Reserve has used a similar expression, when they said it is to pave the way to raise interest rates. Fed rate hike in December last year. The Federal Reserve said inflation had risen since early this year, and inflation expectations are rising, but still low. U.S. Federal Reserve to delete the September meeting, inflation in the near future is still low in the statement. Overall, officials are confident that inflation will rise to 2%, but there is no concern that inflation will grow rapidly. The Fed’s inflation judgment means that interest rates may be near. This meeting, two members voted against, respectively is the Kansas Fed President Esther George, Cleveland Fed President Loretta Mester. Two people think the Fed should raise interest rates at the November meeting of 25 basis points. This is the fifth time this year, George voted against, Mester voted against the second time. Rosengren, the chairman of the Boston fed, voted in favor of the last meeting. The number of officials who voted against the last meeting, the highest since December 2014. The Federal Reserve cut interest rates to nearly 0 levels by the end of 2008, and has since maintained a low interest rate of about 7 years. Last December, the Fed raised the federal funds rate by 25 basis points, officials said it would continue to raise interest rates this year, is expected to raise interest rates for the four time. However, the beginning of the financial market volatility, instability in the overseas economic situation, the U.S. labor market report was bad, the United Kingdom returned to Europe, the United States presidential election and other factors, so that the Fed has not raised interest rates this year. Since September, the United States a number of economic data show good. The Fed’s most important indicator of inflation – the core PCE price index rose 1.7% in September, an increase compared with the beginning. U.S. September nonfarm payrolls increased by 156 thousand, less than expected, the unemployment rate also rose slightly, but the labor force participation rate increased, indicating that more Americans into the workforce. The United States in the three quarter, the actual value of the initial GDP annualized growth of 2.9%, compared with the sharp rise in the two quarter of 1.4%. "Wall Street journal" commented that the federal reserve.相关的主题文章: