The elderly to buy shops were asked to pay 400 thousand fee to cancel the contract group purchase re roselip

The elderly to buy shops were asked to pay 400 thousand fee to cancel the contract group purchase refused to buy a house now not only to pay 1629, pay the fees and costs hundreds of thousands of group purchase quota, it is reasonable and lawful?" 15, the public Tan Popo upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporter for help, his days ago in Chongqing District of Yuzhong Xiao Jia Wan bought a total price of about 1500000 yuan shops, but developers asked the other about 400000 yuan foreign group purchase fee and fee quota. Feel like Tan mother wanted to cancel the contract, the results were rejected by developers. The new market street on the ground floor shops about 50 thousand square meters? Over sixty years Tan Popo introduced himself from Chongqing stone, do a little business, a few years ago, the family moved to longtousi. In August 26th this year, listening to an intermediary in the main city acquaintances, located near the Yuzhong Bay area home and Xiao Wang Jiangshan international position is good, because of the opening of the new, recently there is a large discount, so he and sister together to the scene composed by light rail. Two people rushed to Xiao Jia Wan, and Wang Jiangshan International Sales Department of a sales lady named Yang Yu received her. Sales Miss introduced, because of the opening of the new residential real estate, is a substantial discount, for example, the street on the ground floor shops, the price per square meter is about 100 thousand, now only about 50 thousand, the discount rate is very large, very limited quota, and after the two day is not. Ten rooms as a shop, you bought a shop, the annual rent is hundreds of thousands of high." On the other side of the non-stop confuse and persuasion, Tan Popo tempted, thought to be the home of several sets of housing sold in shops rent. Thus, in the sales staff promised to the lowest discount sales, Tan Popo decided to pay 100 thousand yuan order gold. Let Ms. Tan is strange, the sales ladies will be two people away from the house, and asked Tan Popo to turn off the phone, saying that you can not answer the phone, even if the transaction does not have to pay an intermediary fee. So, Tan mother-in-law in accordance with the phone turned off. Subsequently, the two sides came to a nearby District, signed housing subscription book, subscription book clear, Tan Popo purchased retail area of 26.6 square meters, the average price of more than 50 thousand, 1629 total 1 million 500 thousand, but also need to pay a 80 thousand yuan fee and more than 340 thousand of the number of group purchase fee, which is the only way to buy such a cheap shops. Tan Popo then did not seek the views of the family, to pay a deposit of 100 thousand yuan. What is the quota and fee? Tan family questioned on the afternoon of 15, after returning home, the family saw the subscription book, that Tan Popo was deceived by the sales ladies, which have signed a contract to close the phone? Obviously, you’re not going to talk to us. And in accordance with this price, the average price per square meter is also more than more than 70 thousand, not cheap." Then return to the Sales Department of Tan mother, ask the quota fee and the fee is what group purchase, the sales manager said it is the industry’s unspoken rule, which can reduce prices, allowing developers to pay less tax, also give customers a discount. In this regard, Tan Popo the son of Mr. Zhu so that developers selling behavior suspected of tax evasion, is illegal, and will be part of reduced, tan after the transfer is also difficult to sell price, thus requiring developers either agree to tan mother-in-law to abandon the purchase, refund of deposit, or only pay 1 million 500 thousand yuan 1629, the result was on the back相关的主题文章: