The courier stole the key tenants left the door pull careless burglary (video)

The courier stole the key tenants left the door pull careless burglary (Figure 1) in the Lin Long courier door-to-door secretly pulled out tenants left the key in the door, staged a robbery at home after resignation. Recently, the suspect Lin Long was arrested on suspicion of robbery Jiading District Procuratorate approved the arrest. Lin Long is an electricity supplier courier, this year the day he as usual from door to door express delivery to the customer, Zhu Chan and Guo Xiaoling in distribution, Lin long found anti-theft door key to pull. He wanted to pull down and returned to the owner, but Lin long recalled this home delivery when long ago, two of households in his attitude was not friendly, even acrimony, practical joke secretly will be the key to pull away from the forest dragon. At the beginning of August, Lin long resigned from the courier work, life quickly stretched, so he thought that the key to steal some time ago, the family wanted to steal something to maintain their livelihood. Unfortunately, when Lin Zheng long to open the door when the door is opened, Zhu Chan and Guo Xiaoling head to go out. Lin long busy call away like pretending. Lin long and therefore do not want to give up, but also carefully prepared a lot, carry a folding fruit knife and disposable restraint to prepare for possible period of want or need. One day at 10 am, Lin went to the Dragon House, heard bursts of laughter came inside, walked to the stairs to play mobile phone, waiting for the night to act. At 2 in the morning, Lin long took the key and opened the door quietly in the living room for valuables, but nothing. So, Lin opened the bedroom door, ready to go into the bedroom to find what is valuable. I did not expect just opened the bedroom door and found Zhu Chan and Guo Xiaoling did not sleep, play mobile phone lying in bed. Find the home in "casual visitor" Zhu Chan and Guo Xiaoling was afraid, but who knows, had to lie in bed did not dare to move. In order to prevent Lin Long Zhu Chan and Guo Xiaoling escape, forcing them off the underpants lying in bed, with a disposable bound with their hands tied up, they will also blindfolded with tape. Later, Lin long in the bedroom of a mobile phone carry off all that one has robbed, and two bank cards, in that the mobile phone unlock password and bank card password, Lin Long Zhu Chan and Guo Xiaoling warned not to alarm, then fled. Lin long has been hiding in the cafe until dawn, and then use the subway station in the ATM teller machine, in the robbery of the two cards were taken 100 yuan, and then return home. After the police received a report quickly out of the police, quickly locked the suspect and arrested him target. "" "universal creation Festival cicada looking to change the way you open" "knowledge" recommended today: children of foreign personnel recruitment policy stable private schools shall advance enrollment management right transfer of CITIC Square not South Korea Lotte is currently adjusting the format of Chinese patients with dyslipidemia prevalence rate of about 430 million increase in Shanghai house a natural gas at least 18 households deflagration windows were broken intermediary showings with return hit the truck caused 3 dead 1 injured driver was arrested "" wonderful "video: Zhao Wei house, 44 year old Bae Yong Jun exposed when the father behind Zhao Liying’s back tattoo purple flowers have 5 million men in a story telling wife divorce second days against)相关的主题文章: