the concept of subliminal influence caught on in the advertising industry. Many advertising agencies began incorporating subliminal visual stimuli in their campaigns. Such judgment- and behavior-affecting stimuli can include words or images flashed before the eyes too rapidly for the conscious mind to note them. The FCC outlawed subliminal influence in advertising in 1974 长征五号失败调查 最霸气辞职信

Your Business Critical Applications Are Vulnerable To Ssrf Attacks Posted By: James Scott What Are Business Critical Systems And What Is An SSRF Attack? Modern businesses run on business application infrastructure, with typical modules such as Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP, Customer Relationship Management or CRM and Supplier Relationship Management or SRM. These systems hold data related to personnel, financial and other sensitive information critical to the operation of the enterprise. Moreover, these systems are often connected to the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems (SCADA) and/or banking client workstations. Server Side Request Forgery or SSRF is an attack on existing vulnerability of the business application infrastructure. Attackers use a victim server interface that can send a packet to another host on another port and can be accessed remotely without authentication. What Happens During An SSRF Attack? Business-critical systems are usually located in a secure subnetwork secured by firewalls and monitored by Intrusion Detection Systems, regularly patched for their vulnerabilities. The ERP and other networks are usually separated from the corporate networks by a firewall. In turn, the corporate networks are protected from the Internet and cloud systems by another firewall. However, insecure systems have vulnerabilities existing between the corporate network and the ERP network, which attackers exploit.Cyber Security Cyber Security Subliminal Images 101: Subliminal Marketing Posted By: James Scott Companies pour millions of dollars into advertising every year, using television, radio, print ads, and other media to convince you to buy their products. Although many people claim to be unaffected by advertising, scientific research shows that ads can be powerful incentives to think more favorably about a brand or product. One popular advertising technique is the use of subliminal images, which appear below your threshold of conscious awareness. Although you are totally oblivious to the subliminal stimulus, it still has the power to affect your thoughts and feelings. Subliminal Messages: The Basics A subliminal message is any type of stimulus that passes below conscious awareness. Most commonly, these are images or sounds. The purpose of a subliminal image is to embed a brand name, product, or other stimulus in the viewer’s mind without her conscious awareness. Although the concept of using subliminal images was formulated in the early 20th century, it exploded following a 1957 ad campaign conducted by James Vicary. During a movie showing, Vicary presented images every five seconds that said "Hungry? Eat Popcorn" or "Drink Coca-Cola." Each image lasted 1/3000th of a second and remained unnoticed by viewers; however, popcorn and Coca-Cola sales shot up.subliminal images james scott princeton corporate solutions scam subliminal message subliminal advertising subliminal marketing perception management subliminal images Subliminal Influence: Steering The Mind To A Desired Outcome Posted By: James Scott Wilson Bryan Key, a college professor who authored several books about subliminal messages and advertising, once said, "Subliminal perception is a subject that virtually no one wants to believe exists, and – if it does exist – they much less believe that it has any practical application." however, Key added, "The techniques are in widespread use by media, advertising and public relations agencies, industrial and commercial corporations and by the federal government itself." Key’s books were published well after James Vicary’s famous claim that by incorporating subliminal messages into a movie screening, he significantly increased the sale of Coca-Cola and popcorn to theater-goers. Although Vicary later admitted the "experiment" was a hoax, the concept of subliminal influence caught on in the advertising industry. Many advertising agencies began incorporating subliminal visual stimuli in their campaigns. Such judgment- and behavior-affecting stimuli can include words or images flashed before the eyes too rapidly for the conscious mind to note them. The FCC outlawed subliminal influence in advertising in 1974, condemning the practice as unethical. Despite the FCC decision and Key’s work, not everyone was convinced that subliminal influence was real.james scott princeton corporate solutions subliminal influence subliminal awareness nbspsubliminal perception psychology subliminal perception example james scott Subliminal Awareness, Memetic Manipulation And Dream Seeding: Edward Bernays Was A Joke Posted By: James Scott Dream seeding, memetic manipulation, subliminal awareness and perception steering all shape the ideas, aspirations and realities of our population. The idea of the ‘original thought’ is just that an idea and this idea is formulated by the steering of the above, now is this original thought? Man is just a minimized profile whose anxiety state contributes to the quantum vibrational field that he/she perceives to be the reality of the second. Man chooses a singular reality per microsecond based off an infinite number of scenarios and that reality is a building block based off of the experience of the previous which assists in the direction of the next. Our population is being bombarded by neurological stimulants rooted in scent, taste, culture, Bernaysian propaganda, Socionics and all defined by the Darwinist Memetics that shape the emotional perception of ideas from the primal brain to the analytical section of the mind. The direction one chooses to take is based on one’s emotional state at that split second which is triggered by the emotional elements that one feels which in turn is dictated by one’s surroundings.james scott nbspdream seeding eddie bernays eddy bernays princeton corporate solutions Dream Seeding Edward Bernays subliminal awareness the art of me james scott Perception Management: Crisis Management In Critical Situations Posted By: James Scott In the 1970s the Pepsi Generation still knew that Coca Cola was "The Real Thing", and that "Canada Dry Ginger Ale Tastes Like Love". This was more than advertising or marketing. Companies of such size advertise less to generate sales than to maintain market position, and a great part of that is advertising strictly for perception management.Perception management becomes particularly important in crisis situations. Public perception has been important in industries recovering from product tampering related deaths in the 1980s, or the e. coli outbreaks at Jack in the Box restaurants of the 1990s. Resort industries deal with them all the time when someone drowns in a pool or dies on a ski slope.People rarely act on raw facts alone, but on how they interpret those facts and understand their personal implications. The same applies to information processed through any human senses. Perception management in its finest application does not mean falsifying or concealing facts, but arranging their presentation so that subjects prioritize and interpret them as intended — and ideally to shape their understanding of what others say as well.perception management perception managment firms perception managment definition perception managment firm perception managment company james scott pr perception management The Practice Of Subliminal Perception: How Marketers Manipulate The Minds Of Consumers Posted By: James Scott Advertising is a crafty business. Subliminal perception is a method used to produce changes in a person’s behavior through the sensory stimuli that are present just below the threshold of conscious perception. In other words, you may be influenced by certain things and have no idea you are being influenced. Some researchers say the behavioral changes do not last long while others disagree. Subliminal is defined as "linen of consciousness" and describes the threshold between consciousness and unconsciousness. The term itself is more than 200 years old. According to /biology/human-biology/subliminal…, beginning with the invention of the tachistoscope by James Vicary in the 1950’s, the term was used to develop a method that continues to be used today in some types of advertising. Vicary’s experiment included using the tachistoscope to flash the words, "Eat Popcorn, Drink Coke" for 1/3000th of a second, every five seconds during a movie. Popcorn sales increased 58 percent while drink sales increased 18 percent. The studies were publicized and many still believe it to be true. Scientists continue today to seek ways to prove the theory that might work to influence people subconsciously. A rash of marketing techniques followed the early experiments.princeton corporate solutions subliminal perception psychology james scott subliminal perception examples subliminal perception definition subliminal princeton corporate solutions Memetics And Sensory Science: The Ultimate For Redefining An Idea Posted By: James Scott Elucidations with laser meticulousness cut to the heart of reality but reality is an illusion held hostage to the truth of quantum physics. Black and white and yin and yang represent the polar extremes but it’s the indefinable in between and outside of the box that dictates absolutes. Choice of atomic focus triggered by frequency defines an individual’s reality by the millisecond. Steering one’s attention toward the subatomic framework of a perceived reality can be guided via the science of color, scent, auditory and association. Sensory science combined with frequency (Hz) will lower the critical faculty enough to ready the mind for memetic programing. Memetics, used in this fashion will build the idea posed by the teacher in the subconscious mind of the ready student. A solid meme will populate the interior of the primal mind thus becoming part of the ‘reactionary’ facet of thought. When pushed through the analytical portion of the evolved mind ones thought pattern becomes redefined by the meme thus affecting the response. For example: a behavioral therapy video, with the above (minus scent but replaced by visual) can offer optimal response as long as the meme is reinforced with triggers ongoing.memetics meme james scott memetics definition applied memetics journal of memetics memetics pseudoscience art of memetics memetics richard dawkins pri memetics Socionics, Memetics, Jungian Character Archetypes And Mind Manipulation Posted By: James Scott There are no original ideas. Our imagination is fueled by outside elements. And forget about the lie of freedom of choice you’re just one of a few Jungian character types directed by 13 propaganda absolutes. Propaganda techniques such as testimonial, plain folks, bandwagon, card stacking, fear and name calling hardly even scratch the surface anymore and it’s almost laughable that Edward Bernays was able to tower as the standard in perception management and propaganda facilitation for so long. Perhaps that’s why the industry experienced zero qualified growth and is even now still riddled with wannabes. The industry has evolved to persuasion via subliminal awareness, scent science, color psychology and covert hypnosis via staircase conversation and targeted tonality. Many PR firms and advertising agencies try to make use of these concepts but few get it right. Advertising hacks who have the sense to see the subliminal messaging behind logos and global campaigns by top ten conglomerates often try to mimic what they see but fail because they don’t see the full picture.socionics james scott jungian propaganda techniques princeton corporate solutions subliminal awareness covert hypnosis memetics socionics definition u socionics The American Cash Machine: Legislation To Fuel Recidivism Economy Posted By: James Scott American prisons hold one out of every four prisoners in the entire world, according to Roy Walmsley of the International Centre for Prison Studies — and only has one of every 20 people on Earth. Douglas B. Weiss of the University of Maryland, and Doris L. MacKenzie of Pennsylvania State University agree that rising crime did not cause this. "The more than 2.3 million people incarcerated in this nation," they write, "largely reflect policy choices that have been made at all levels of government in the United States." Loic Waquant, an international prisons expert, specifies American incarceration as responsive " not to criminal insecurity but to the social insecurity." Waquant cites that in 1975 the U.S. imprisoned 21 people per 10,000 crimes, and by 2005 imprisoned 125 people per 10,000 crimes. "This means that the country has become six times more punitive." Beginning in 1979 private contracting for prisons became a growth industry. Corrections Corp. of America alone carries contracts in 19 states. It had 87,000 beds in 2010, when Hawaii audited its prisons.state recidivism rates princeton corporate solutions recidivist recidivism economics james scott california arizona new york pennsylvania economics of state recidivism rates Recidivism Economics 101: Top 10 Worst Prison Recidivism States Posted By: James Scott With prison reentry rates at an all-time high, studies on recidivism have showed a significant amount of prisoners are not only returning to jail in their states, but that newly released prisoners are also crossing state lines and getting arrested for new crimes within one year of being released. According to statistics, out of nearly 300,000 prisoners that were released, more than 65% were rearrested for new crimes within three years. Prisoners with only one arrest have a 20% chance of being rearrested within the first year of being released and a 40% chance within 3 years. This is an extremely high rate of rearrests and many states have more than others. For example, New York has had over 6,000 crimes committed by people who were recently released from prison from another state. Other states that see substantial recidivism is Arizona, California, Georgia, Washington, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Texas and Washington D.C. Most prisoners who are rearrested shortly after being released are young males, and property offenders have the highest recidivism rate compared to violent offenders or drug offenders. They account for a very high percentage of rearrests.economics of recidivism princeton corporate solutions recidivism economics top recidivism states james scott recidivism blog recidivism legislation st economics of recidivism Recidivism Economics: The Taxpayer’s Burden Posted By: James Scott So much for taxation with representation and hello economic chaos and do nothing municipal governments handing out no bid contracts at the altar of idiocracy. America needs solutions to realities that syphon the life from law abiding and tax paying citizens. One of the most corrupt money guzzlers stemming from small town, do nothing politics is recidivism. Recidivists, criminals who are released from prison only to return later, are an exponential economic burden to society. Taxpayers pay for recidivists largely through their state and local taxes because the vast majority of prisoners are held in state and local correctional facilities-and the cost of recidivism is rising. Between 1990 and 2009, the number of prisoners under state jurisdiction in the US almost doubled. According to a Pew Center for the States report on recidivism in the US, "In 2008….incarceration levels had risen to a point where one in 100 American adults were behind bars." According to that report, the state with the highest recidivism rate between 2004 and 2007 was Minnesota. It also had the fifth highest per capita tax burden in the US in 2005.recidivism economics james scott economics of recidivism prison reentry princeton corporate solutions drug offender recidivism addictions therapy stat recidivism economics Behavioral Economics Applied To Consumer Anxiety Posted By: James Scott Principles of behavioral psychology have influenced advertising longer than they influenced psychology – and they dominated psychology for most of the 20th Century. That’s because John B. Watson, the founder of behaviorism, responded to early academic rejection of his ideas by taking them to the business world. In a very real way behavioral science was applied to commerce before it was accepted by academia. That relationship also survived Behaviorism’s fall from psychological dominance. Behavioral Economics remains an important part of marketing. "Behavioral Economics," writes Joel Rubinson, of the Advertising Research Foundation, "lives at the crossroads of economics, cognitive psychology, and anthropology. It helps us understand how and why decision making is filled with shortcuts of which people are only partially self aware." So what if advertisers use psychology to get consumers to spend their money when they are anxious about the economy? Don’t people expect advertising to dothat? Were such an application all that matters in behavioral economics, awareness of it might not matter. Consider instead something more serious that behavioral economics can help explain. This topic also applies to some other ideas later in this article.behavioral economics behavioral finance james scott nbspcognitive psychology anthropology princeton corporate solutions nbspcultivation theory nbspbeh behavioral economics Drug Arrest Economics: Just Let The Tax Payers Flip The Bill Posted By: James Scott The so called ‘War on Drugs’ has become the ‘War on Taxpayers’. Policy analysts and legislators continue to weigh the cost of United States drug prohibition as the issue appears more regularly in public debate. In "Drugs and Drug Policy: What Everyone Needs to Know," Mark Kleiman, Jonathan Caulkins and Angela Hawken contend that incarcerating low-level illegal drug dealers costs society more than it is worth. According to their publication, a $200 illegal drug transaction resulting in a three-year prison sentence costs taxpayers as much as $100,000. The negative economic effects continue, according to the authors, once the convicted drug dealer is released, at which point, with no hope of gainful employment, he or she resumes drug-dealing. More Americans are imprisoned on drug charges now than for property crimes, with five times more Americans jailed for dealing drugs now than three decades ago. In fact, the U.S. has the highest incarceration rate in the world, despite the fact that violent crime has decreased in the nation by 25 percent in the last two decades. In total, the "war on drugs" has cost American taxpayers $2.5 trillion.recidivism economics of recidivism princeton corporate solutions drug crime political economics recidivism economics recidivist prison recidivism rate recidivism Clinical Psychological Applications Theory And James Scott Posted By: MOinzArt In clinical psychology we study the basics from Jung, Freud and Erikson. These pillars are meant to offer up substance designated as a foundation for the science of counseling and therapeutic concepts. As a Ph.D. extends their reach and digests more applicable techniques that help them engage a particular target group we often find ourselves with a lack of expert analysis in which to devise capable hypothesis therefore options for mentor facility become virtually obsolete thus the progression of our science is stunted by lack of communication and inter-industry support. Over the past five years I’ve been consumed with the vast expanse of the subconscious and its effect on our everyday actions and stress response. The subconscious chamber is by far the most complicated aspect of intellectual realities and diagnosing the problems of the here and now with a client often comes down to the indefinable and vague yet the ripple effect of these invisible triggers will inject themselves into the minute by minute existence of the patient. The truest comprehension of the raw nature of the subconscious and its controls are best defined by the US Army’s MOS37f Psychological Operations division, also referred to as PSYOPS.common microexpressions Communication james scott princeton corporate solutions memetic philosophy memetics microexpression guide microexpressio common microexpressions Equity Pre Ipo Investments – Ipo Information – Ipo Investment Strategy- Read This First Posted By: James Scott. When investing in an IPO or Pre IPO there are several things to keep in mind. Crucial elements to the success of the company and a better return on your investment are the company’s board of directors, C level executives and the professional pedigree that each brings into the company and the portfolio of contacts they are ready to place into action. Now, examine the globalization and expansion plan the company has laid out in the prospectus. Are they affiliated with strong strategic alliances? Have they identified potential mergers and acquisitions to expedite growth, raise the company profile and attract larger opportunities? Are the C level executives considered experts in the field in which the company resides? Have they been published in journals and/or involved in any landmark transactions that make them a true ‘player’ in their particular industry niche?Do they have any open or potential lawsuits or legal battles in their history or future? For their post public survival find out how much stock is going to be put on the street for public consumption and what type of financing do they have set up for their company to inject rocket fuel into their growth model?IPO Investing IPO Information IPO Investment Tips pre ipo investing pre ipo information equity pre ipo investments pre ipo investment tips Jame IPO Investing Authority Is Induced By More Than Words: Reading Body Language And Micro Expressions In Business Posted By: James Scott. Deprivation of the corrupt and impure emotion that is an element of the ego is the only true path to the objectivity needed by the professional executive. Cutting off the connection between emotions and the facial micro expressions that are a direct result of your subconscious response instinct will enable you to conduct a meeting, interview or professional conversation without offering up the primary body language as a form of intelligence collateral by those you’re communicating with.Body language and the micro expressions feed the necessary ammo to the intellectual interrogator that keeps them in control of the conversation, the conversation’s outcome and control over you in general. A firm, confident expression and body position/posture will enforce your authority position and keep the opposition guessing as they try to analyze the psychological undertone behind your words.Only give into allowing body position adjustments and facial expression indicators when you are trying to use these functions to enunciate your verbal communication.micro expression micro expressions body language how to read body language micro expression training i can read you like a book powerful communication micro expression Step Into Any Business, Anytime And Become The Group Leader Posted By: James Scott. In the world of economics and politics there are the influential and the followers. The followers and leaders often believe that they fall into these positions of hierarchy because of knowledge and presents for a particular cause thus, mutual credo chanters follow their lead and there you have it the leaders and the followers but this is anything but accurate.The reality is much more technical but once you understand the process you can step in and lead just about any cause, campaign or company. The formula for leadership is not necessarily your position on a cause but two things, the conception of your idea on a cause and you as an individual that can embody the hopes and aspirations of those around you which will draw them to you and will eventually become your flock. The key element here is to grow your flock. To do this you need to first find those seeking a leader, find the common thread they all share in seeking a leader and what causes they support.Many people want to be influential but they freeze up when it comes down to stepping out and taking on the position.48 laws of power 33 strategies of war the art of war political strategies political strategist corporate strategist expansion strategist Machiavelli 48 laws of power Taking A Company Public – Establishing A Position Of Power Posted By: James Scott. There are countless obstacles to growing one’s company: slow economy, minimal sales, lack of branding and a corporate structure built on sinking sand, just to name a few. Many times a company hits a roadblock in growth because a competitor is too organized and too strategic to leave any portion of the marketplace unclaimed.Sometimes, if you’ve waited too long to respond to the actions of a competitor it’s too late, throw in the towel and move on, you’ve lost. Other times there is still ample opportunity to rebound. The objective in this case would be to inject chaos, confusion and communication blockades along the path of the opposition.The world of propaganda and chaos can pull you down into the underbelly of dirty tactical purgatory so it is important to get in and get before it affects the longevity of your corporate position in a negative branding sense. First, to keep from direct association by the public of your involvement in this campaign your actions must be indirectly facilitated (no one can know you’re involved).take a company public corporate consulting corporate expansion consulting james scott princeton corporate solutions power broker corporate power take a company public Final Words Of Advice: The Ceo Is The New Governor Posted By: James Scott. The objective of today’s CEO is survival; survival in terms of enterprise position. The CEO has to pick up the shattered remnants left behind by the lies and failures of elected officials and institutions. Today’s senior executive needs to be a congressman, judge, mayor and priest all rolled up into one. The livelihood of one’s employees/constituency depends on the expansion tactics, emotional stamina, intellectual foresight and willingness to enter into an economic cage brawl to protect the company, shareholders and employees that depend on the entity’s survival for monetary sustenance. Surround yourself with the most proven advisers you can find as you expand and go public. Recruit guerrilla networking maniacs to set up strategic alliances to grow your company into new areas. Expand when competitors expect you to roll up and die. Keep in touch with shareholders. Communicate with newsletters, email, press release and via expert panel interviews on TV and radio.Step up and take your position at the apex of the influence pyramid of your industry by demonstrating your expert status with podcasts, ipod and ipad information applications, webinars and a solid blog. Give the market what it wants, free information. Make ‘how to’ videos, write informative articles.take a company public corporate consulting corporate expansion consulting james scott princeton corporate solutions power broker corporate power take a company public Economic Strategies And Political Power Grabs: All Want Power, Few Get It Posted By: James Scott. Corporate strategies and political strategies are similar in many ways and merge in many more as the ultimate goal is recognition for a contribution to economic growth as this is the one power tool that transcends all other contributors to power. The entity recognized for delivering on promises of jobs, capital to a targeted geography or economic certainty is the one that will gain traction regardless of current economic disaster going on around them.To do this, to be the person that gains a following for their ability to step into a position of power and swim in shallow shark infested waters one must consider the fact that you will be attacked from all angles and your ability to eliminate the factors that are conducive to facilitating these attacks is crucial but do to so and make a massive statement is where the natural genius comes into play. Fact: the most sensitive part of the shark’s anatomy is it’s eyes, surfers and divers that can stay calm when a shark is circling before an attach will immediately go for the eyes of the shark, kick, punch and shred with the fingernails, diver’s knife, whatever they have.corporate strategies corporate strategist corporate strategy consultant corporate consultants machiavelli machiavellian machiavelian strategy machiave corporate strategies 相关的主题文章: