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The children’s version of "White Snake" to see the audience cry   " small bone " Acting outbreak won praise – Shandong Channel – original title: Children’s version of "White Snake" to see the audience cry " small bone " Acting outbreak was like a snake recently, Hunan TV channel drama remake of "bone". Just past "eleven" holiday, starring a eight or nine year old children’s children’s version of "White Snake" in Hunan TV channel TV drama "bone" column broadcast, immediately caused concern on the network. And the past is a remake of the classic TV drama by the audience collective Tucao children get different interpretation of one-sided praise, small stars known as the "small bone worthy of the name". Many viewers call, "cry, think of the original Angie Chiu and Cecilia Yip." "Small bones" program mode to "children play the big drama" play classic, classic "all the actors are children 6 to 12 years, the program by the positive (a remake of the classic drama), seedling selection, and highlights" small bone meet the old drama of bone and other parts. Before the children’s version of "White Snake", which show a remake of "Jiao Yulu" "Liu Sanjie" "Tinker" "Honghu" red guards, also has caused concern in a certain range. The children’s version of "White Snake" the audience praised the wonderful children crying scene: worried the white snake to save Xu Xian and tears, Xu Xian to practice for 20 years when his wife rescued his father and son Xu Shilin in tears, tears trickling down cheeks. "Bone" opera director, column of Hunan radio and TV channel TV director Pan Liping introduction, they communicate a lot of work before shooting and the children, the children were moved by the story "White Snake", "natural language of their emotions, so it will play the crying play better than adults." Know the netizen Ye Chenxuan commented: "the children of their own experiences, tell us adults, routine play more, know only the truth is the most beautiful." The children’s version of "White Snake" in the sets, props, music, also known as the conscience of. The scenery, the people reading hanging on the wall like Confucius, cursive, porcelain and other details as many; props, pear wood doll bed, Xu Shilin handed down the old coarse cloth printing blanket, color fine cotton clothing, gold dragon Kazakhstan diaper bag also presented one by one; but the music aspect, the drama of choice the original "The Legend Of White Snake", plus a small actor and singer singing good children’s interpretation, very touching. In the children’s version of "White Snake" recently caused concern, it was pointed out that the performance of adult children participate in love is not appropriate, Pan Liping responded: "not suitable for children to show, we had eliminated in the script stage. We want to use a child affect children, so that young people like the traditional culture." (reporter Xu Haozhe) (commissioning editor Liu Yingjie and Hu Honglin)相关的主题文章: