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The capital of five thousand people dressed as Ying Guo singer Li Guyi Beijing – sing stage in September 27th, the famous singer Li Guyi and her students on stage singing "my passion and my motherland", as a dancer on vocals, together for the blessing of the motherland. Liu Wenxi photo Beijing, September 27 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Liu Wenxi) in the beautiful melody, the capital of nearly five thousand people gathered on the 27 Chaoyang, Xuanwu costumes to meet the motherland 67 anniversary. The famous singer Li Guyi sang on stage. My dream Chinese dream? Chaoyang District ninth "Xuanwu Chaoyang" mass dance exhibitions and activities held on the same day in Chaoyang District sports center. Reporters on the scene, in the music, the dancers dressed in colorful dresses, and sometimes transposition, rotation, elegant and smooth display of Beijing four, in the three step, tango, rumba, Cha Cha and this six kinds of dance. The famous singer Li Guyi at the end of the event and her students together on stage, passionate singing "I and my motherland". The past is on TV, I did not expect so much to live for my "Waner" accompaniment." Chaoyang District Liulitun street dance team Aunt Zhang excitedly told reporters, "today, we dance to the best state, with the common wishes of noble character and high prestige artists on the same stage, the great motherland thriving and prosperous." The performances of the five thousand dancers in Chaoyang District 43 street dance enthusiasts, also invited representatives of the Hebei city of Botou Province, Beijing city Shijingshan District, Miyun District, Fangshan District, Yizhuang economic development zone and other teams to come back. "Dance dance Chaoyang" series of activities has been successfully held nine sessions, including dance and ballroom dancing performances of two parts, as one of the Chaoyang cultural activities of the masses, who loved by the masses, has become the "Chaoyang people" heart art brand. (end)相关的主题文章: