The Benefits Of A Four Processor Core .puter-cibi

Hardware So just what is it that makes a quad processor core .puter what it is? In short, it simply contains four processor cores and they are considered classified in the multi-core .puter family. While the quad processor core .puter may be much faster then a standard .puter, a good deal of the performance of one of these multi-core .puters depends on the type of programs ran in it. Is a Four Processor Core .puter Faster? The most popular myth surrounding the quad processor core .puter is that it will run four times faster then a .puter with only one processor core in it. The fact is that this is only partly true, as it only apples with programs that were meant to be run on a .puter with a single processor core in it. Quad Core .puters and Multi-Tasking However; as far as over all performance is concerned, quad core .puters are much faster at performing multiple tasks simultaneously. Take for instance multiple virtual machines. These can be ran with four processor cores. One thing to bear in mind though, is that the overall number of virtual machines depends entirely on the amount of memory space that your four processor core .puter has in it. A More Affordable Option To a Quad Core .puter The truth of the matter however, is that the exact same performance and overall speed can be attained from dual Core 2 E6850. Also the same level of performance can be had from a Core 2 Extreme QX6850. At the same time, these dual core .puter options are far less expensive as well. Not For the Average .puter User The truth is that as far as general purpose use is concerned, a dual core or Core 2 is a far more economical option in light of all the facts that present themselves. Also bear in mind that .puters with four core processors are basically meant to be used by people who are performing tasks above and beyond general purpose use. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: