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600 billion venture capital withdrawal A shares rumors untrue – Finance – People’s daily newspaper Beijing August 25 (reporter Qu Zhehan) for the market on the "600 billion universal risks will gradually withdraw A shares" rumors, the relevant departments of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission pointed out that the rumor is untrue. Recently, the relevant departments of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission organized a forum to solicit opinions from some insurance companies on how to further improve the supervision system of life insurance products. The relevant documents are still in the process of soliciting opinions, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission hopes that the public will be formally issued in the future documents. CIRC relevant responsible person stressed that in order to meet the growing consumer demand for insurance, Chinese CIRC will further strengthen the personal insurance products safeguard function, guide the development of the industry risk protection and long-term retirement savings products, gathering long-term insurance funds, the implementation of the development concept of insurance name "guarantee". Insurance fund is an important force to support the development of the capital market, promote the transformation of the real economy, and promote the adjustment of the industrial structure. It will further play a long-term investment advantage, and provide long-term stable funds for the development of the real economy and capital market. "People’s Daily" (08 2016 26 August 10 Edition) (commissioning editor: Liu Juntao)

6000亿险资撤出A股传言不实–财经–人民网   本报北京8月25日电 (记者曲哲涵)针对市场上有关“6000亿万能险将陆续撤出A股”的传言,中国保监会有关部门负责人指出该传言不实。  据悉,近日保监会有关部门组织召开座谈会,就如何进一步完善人身保险产品监管制度征求了部分保险公司意见。相关文件尚在征求意见过程中,保监会希望社会公众以未来正式发布的文件为准。  保监会相关负责人强调,为满足消费者日益增长的保险保障需求,中国保监会将进一步强化人身保险产品的保障功能,引导行业发展风险保障和长期养老储蓄类产品,集聚长期保险资金,落实保险姓“保”的发展理念。保险资金是支持资本市场发展、促进实体经济转型、推动产业结构调整的重要力量,将进一步发挥长期投资优势,为实体经济和资本市场发展提供长期稳定资金。   《 人民日报 》( 2016年08月26日 10 版) (责编:刘军涛)相关的主题文章: