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Medicine Water treatment. Across the water treatment have to follow two basic steps: first recirculation and filtration of water (physical therapy) and on the other the contribution of specific products (chemical treatment). The filter, however effective, can not capture all the water particles since they are not big enough or stay in the pool water as algae, germs, litter … chemicals are therefore fundamental to sanitize, oxidize and water balance. Also you have good chemicals that have passed the most stringent health checks is not enough. Proper direction of chemical is essential. The chemical water treatment is to apply a scope of merchandise in order to disinfect and conserve water. Most micro.anisms normally present in the water of swimming pools are not dangerous. The goal of treatment of pool water should not seek to destroy all of them, but only those that may present a risk to bathers’ health and the environment. The source of water contamination by these micro.anisms often secretions (mucus, urine, and so on. The first chemical is chlorine, which prevents water from micro.anisms can fill the rot””, avoiding possible infections and also achieves transparency and the cleaning effect desired. frankincense the amount of sanitizing agent need water to achieve a satisfactory level of quality may depend on many factor The volume depth and condition of the pool water. Recirculating type and frequence of water renewal. Number of pool user to be an important factor of age. The pH factor indicates the level of sourness or alkalinity which present the pool water the chemical advocate was characterized by the predomination of H or hydroxyl ions. Too low a pH volition produce * Corrosion of metal accessories Irritation to the eyes, ears, nose and throat of users While a very high pH can cause: * Turbidity in water * Formation of scale and scale. * Irritation of the eyes, ears, nose and throat of users * trouble in sanitation by slowing the action of Cl to kill micro.anism responsible. Bone that the pH must be half should be between 7.2 and 7. 6 About the Author: 相关的主题文章: