Staff to apply for a credit card to provide a valid bank water verbal jint

Staff to apply for a credit card to provide a valid bank water called "three" refers to no job and no car, no deposit of a class of people. This part of the population want to apply for a credit card is more difficult, because their qualifications do not meet the conditions of the bank card. General banks have a set of card audit scoring mechanism, the applicant’s work, income, property status and other factors to conduct a comprehensive evaluation, in line with the conditions of the card will be issued, otherwise it will be rejected. Three persons want to apply for a credit card, generally need to provide a valid bank water, to prove that he has the corresponding source of income, to ensure timely repayment, overdue risk. So, what kind of bank water is the effective water bank staff, how to provide a valid bank water? Here, Xiaobian to explain to you. First to see what the bank water is invalid, do white also do: 1, the day of the deposit day out, regardless of size, are invalid water, it is easy to be seen through the bank, the white; 2, the deposit time of uncertainty, not as evidence of a stable source of income; 3 integer integer, stored in, out, keep the card set empty state, this is a look for water and water, also easy to be identified, 4 banks; bank water accumulation time is short, not more than three months, not lasting, so it is no effect; 5, the amount of money is very small that time for a long time, depositing and withdrawing process is the norm, is still not as proven source of income, because the income is too low, it may not do credit card. You want to get a valid bank water, you need to do this: 1, the monthly fixed date, the amount of fixed account into the similar amount, if by the enterprise account into better; 2, the monthly remittances should keep uninterrupted, in more than 6 months; 3, from go to save money. Have a certain interval of time, day in day out to avoid the situation; 4, in and out of the amount do not always integer 5, the monthly import; deposited the amount as high as possible, if you can stay in more than 3000 yuan, to apply for a credit card is helpful; 6, to ensure the card balance at any time, don’t let the card in the empty state; 7, in addition to the monthly fixed time similar amount of deposit, if there are other sporadic deposit will be passed. To sum up, to successfully apply for a credit card, often require the applicant has a certain source of income, of course, a stable job is the best. But there are a number of people is no fixed work, such as business people, sales staff, freedom of occupation and so on, they also want to apply for a credit card, but can not provide proof of work, it can be used as bank water proof material stable source of income, to help the applicant to successfully apply for a credit card. In all application materials, bank water is often more difficult to provide, which requires the applicant to have the skills to form a set of effective bank water. To avoid some inappropriate methods, through skillful operation so as to form a convincing bank water, will help the staff to do a few credit card. Want to successfully apply for a credit card, you can refer to the above tips. Author inquire相关的主题文章: