South Korean opposition impeachment brewing Park Geun hye government or paralyzed cashmere mafia

South Korean opposition impeachment brewing Park Geun hye government or paralyzed the original title: the opposition impeachment of the South Korean government brewing Park Geun hye into "paralysis" in November 27, according to foreign media reports, South Korean President Park Geun hye recently because society "bestie intervention" events and noisy when the current situation has been developed to raise a Babel of criticism of, opposition considering the impeachment of the president’s point. Pu Jinhui, the first female president in the history of Korea, has now become the first president to accept the prosecution investigation. Whether she will also be the first to be pushed down the incumbent president, has become the focus of attention of all parties. At the same time, South Korea’s political situation is also troubled by the scandal. Some analysts said the South Korean government in the next few months may be paralyzed". Earlier, South Korean prosecutors announced in November 20th the core staff to prosecute "bestie intervention" in the event of three key people involved in the case — the Cui Shunshi Park, park Geun Hye bestie Ann and Zheng Hucheng Jong, and that park Geun hye is largely a "conspiracy". In November 26th, the outbreak of the Korean "cronies" interference in politics after the events of the fifth round of large-scale rally. The demonstrators marched to Seoul was only 200 meters from the Chong Wa Dae street, asked the President Park Geun hye resigned to be responsible for the accident according to the prosecution investigation, Cui Shunshi relates to the establishment of Mir and K of the two sports non-profit foundation, and the use of the Chong Wa Dae and the relationship to the presidential palace Chief Secretary Ann Jong prompted the 53 big companies "generosity". An Zhongfan alleged abuse of power, forcing large corporate donations. According to reports, Samsung, Hyundai and other large enterprises donated 77 billion 400 million won to the two foundations. Zheng Hucheng, deputy secretary of the original Chong Wa Dae was referred to as the transfer of the middle of the document, the Chong Wa Dae and the government departments of the 180 documents to the Cui Shunshi, including the public can not be open to the 47 confidential documents. Prosecutors said in the complaint, according to the evidence, Pu Jinhui played an important role in many conspiracy counts above three people involved in "". But South Korea’s eighty-fourth article of the constitution, the president enjoys immunity from prosecution, therefore cannot sue park. In November 4, 2016, the South Korean TV broadcast in local time, President Park Geun Hye speech. South Korean President Park Geun hye released a televised speech that day, on the good friend Cui Shunshi behind the scenes to do the incident again stand. She said that if the national requirements, in order to find out the truth, will be honest with the prosecution investigation. For park Geun hye was identified as conspiracy, Chong Wa Dae, said prosecutors improper wording, such as the president has been convicted". But in any case, it does increase the pressure on Pu Jinhui to face impeachment. South Korea announced the three largest opposition party the day before, will strive for the civic groups and the ruling party "non Park School" in close cooperation, to promote the impeachment of the president. In accordance with the constitution of the Republic of Korea, to impeach the president, first of all, there must be a motion of impeachment of members of Congress; after 2/3 members in favor of the impeachment case to be established; then, by the constitutional court ruling. In the meantime, the president suspended by the prime minister, government agency. If the constitutional court ruling impeachment is not established, the president is reinstated. Reported that the South Korean parliament 300 members, park Geun hye led the ruling party accounted for 128 seats in the Kai相关的主题文章: