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Song Yanfei "Zhengkua ex girlfriend" shot off screen goddess second change of female nerve – Sohu song Yan Fei Zhengkua entertainment "ex girlfriend" fixing a large photo of actor Song Yanfei entertainment Sohu directed by Fan Jinxuan, Sun Jian, song Yan Fei starred in the comedy drama "urban youth topple the former girlfriend" has recently been in Shanghai up smoothly. The first attempt Comedy Style TV works, Song Yanfei in the play often walk between the goddess and the female nervous, and in the movie, she still have such adorable contrast. "Ex girlfriend" Zhengkua drama unit form as the carrier, in Song Yanfei’s psychiatrist Minnesota beauty under the leadership of "Zhengkua ex company" of a public employees who help couples resolve difficulties, and Sue beauty in the process to find their own Mr. Right. In the play, appearance is high and cold fan Minnesota strong woman and pure beauty soft on the inside, outside her back to his summon wind and call for rain, and often becomes the second goddess, will wear cute clothes to jump, will burst out of the pink heart of girl. In the movie, the song Yan Fei is still free to switch between the goddess and the female nervous, she often because of a funny thing to smile about lying on the floor, would occasionally pop out a word to the people around uproarious. Drama, song Yan Fei has staged such a double charm, contrast and adorable won her a good professional reputation in the cast, hard work she is subject to praise tongren. It is reported that "Zhengkua ex girlfriend" will be held in November this year to meet with you, the high value of the contrast between the adorable Song Yan Yan Fei will bring the audience what kind of surprise? Let us wait and see.相关的主题文章: