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Snoring is sleep soundly? Not only destroy or even cause sudden death of snoring Yan – Sichuan Channel – original title: snoring is sleep soundly? Not only destroy or even cause sudden death. Snoring snoring is a widespread phenomenon of sleep, most people not to regard it as right, there are a lot of people will play the snoring and sleep quality, sleep equate. However, the reality is that snoring represents not only the poor sleep quality, a series of hazards is so scared. With a series of questions on the snoring, the reporter interviewed members of the Committee of experts Peng Zhiping Chinese Medical Doctor Association sleep teachers were interviewed. In the city of Ji’nan Springs Plaza, a member of the public is sleeping on the lawn. (source: caused by sleep snoring what is the reason? Peng Zhiping said that snoring serious personnel will usually have the following characteristics: first, there are problems when sleeping on nose and throat caused by blockage of the trachea, such as nasal polyp swelling, nose hypertrophy, rhinitis, pharyngitis; second is genetic, such as hereditary jaw deformity, mandibular retrusion (born a small chin); then because the neck muscle relaxation and obesity caused by neck; finally is caused by the external environment, such as sleeping, fatigue etc.. Sleep snoring is what harm? In the night of sleep is generally 3 to 4 cycles of sleep sleep cycle, light sleep and deep sleep state two. Peng Zhiping said that people who snore rarely enter the sleeping state, basically in the light sleep, easily awakened, that day is usually easy to drowsy, don’t concentrate on. Peng Zhiping pointed out that, according to different age groups and different population differences, sleep snoring harm is not the same. The elderly because of night snoring caused hypoxia, will affect the life, suffering from cardiovascular diseases, such as hypertension and coronary heart disease patients are prone to sudden death. Young people snore will affect the secretion of growth hormone, and The new supersedes the old. memory. Adult male long-term snoring, coupled with the pressure of work and life, easily lead to dizziness, headache, insomnia, forgetfulness, immunity and sexual dysfunction etc.. Adult women often snore will affect the skin luster and elasticity, often black eye, bad breath, mouth pain, irregular menstruation, accelerated aging. What are the effective measures for the treatment of snoring? Peng Zhiping said that the treatment of snoring can self adjust or professional medical treatment according to the order of priority snore. The occasional snoring, such as drinking or excessive fatigue, this is generally not serious, mild snoring can lose weight, instead of sleeping on the back to the right side, select the appropriate height of the pillow, sleep to maintain a comfortable environment to solve. But in the sleep wake up suddenly, high blood pressure, heart rate, feel a sense of suffocation severe snoring patients will need to go to the hospital for examination, to understand the reason after surgical treatment or wearing treatment instrument. (Jiang Xiaoting) this article by the members of the Committee of experts on the sleep of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association, the Chinese Association for the study of sleep, director of the Department of information science to conduct scientific checks Peng Zhiping. (commissioning editor Li Qiangqiang and Gao Hongxia)相关的主题文章: