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" small meat " actors not acting not guarantee   weak acquired hard – media – people.com.cn original title: not acting, and fresh meat can’t guarantee a website, netizens question: what do you hate most of the film and television works. One answer: Deer Han, TFBOYS and Li Yifeng all played little meat and television works. This answer immediately attracted the most agree. Small meat actor equals high Yan values, zero acting, has become the inherent impression of many viewers. The so-called "little meat, which is between the ages of 12 to 30 years old, has a good figure and looks handsome actor. Fans economy era, the capital side in order to attract specific audiences, enable the high popularity of the little meat in the no ground for blame. But because of the need to pay the high cost of film actors and compression, little meat does not seriously try to figure out the role of good acting, shot out of the film can only let the fans down, let the audience angry. This is not the correct use of little meat. No acting? A thin, hard day "summer has trees and hope to heaven", Wu Yifan full of high cold face paralysis, acting on the basic roar; his "Star" in Li Yifeng, no matter happy sad angry surprise, only staring at a face; "in the center of the world calls" love, Ou Hao has been using light the lines represent their inner emotions such as white boiling water, matching is ceaseless tears running non-stop to roar day…… Empty eyes, exaggerated expression, rigid body movement, like the students to recite the same lines, a little meat on the screen acting portrait, next is the audience reviews. Why small meat generally not acting? Neither Kebanchushen, nor talented actor, little meat show obviously weak foundation. Li Yifeng, Jing Bairan, Ou Hao is a country music talent show was born, Wu Yifan, Zhang Yixing, Lu Han is the first when the trainee in the Korean entertainment company, through music group. "They had trained in the center of music and stage performances, and the performances of the movie lens is not received systematic, professional training, to start filming, their performances are missing." Critics have Nianqun bluntly, little meat not acting is a normal phenomenon, "they can only work in a shooting slowly increase their acting, with war power leveling." The foundation itself is not too good, if not carefully prepared before shooting, shooting the mental and physical investment, performance if qualified is strange. Early on the show to the assistant, shooting a late appearance; when performing not read read lines, lines by dubbing up a large number of performances; they only rely on a substitute to complete, fill the lens…… These are to be exposed to the "small meat" misdeeds. Director Guo Jingyu said, often see the fifty or sixty year old director pleaded in "small sofa squat meat actor side, said the weather is very hot, you come to a bar, the photographer just didn’t do well, I call him back, to replace him…… Bo market? This year, the box office has been out since little meat acting is not standard, why are there so many movies)相关的主题文章: