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Six ways to create a unique bathroom tiles to create a unique bathroom space bathroom tiles paving the way to create a unique bath space six

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? The bathroom as a more private place, you can try to break through the commonly used tile paving method, the use of a unique personality of the method, so that the bathroom into a rich feature space. The following six tile paving method, hoping to help you create a unique bathroom oh!

bathroom tile paving six ways to create a unique bath space (pictures from the network)

? 1, auxiliary materials posted

?? in tiling when using edge banding, cross positioning frame and other auxiliary materials properly, can make the ceramic tile yin yang angle angle, construction technology and effect is greatly improved. The paving of the edge angle does not need to cut the ceramic tile, the construction time is saved, and the ceramic tile is destroyed, and the cross positioning frame can also improve the precision of the paving brick.

? Two , multi specification combination shop

?? the same tiling bathrooms will seem monotonous, it can choose to use a variety of different combinations of paving tiles, size, color and other different tiles through a certain arrangement rule, every sticking effect can make the bathroom is not the same, a change in the trend, more rich and vivid.

? Three , dry paste

?? dry paste method is to use ceramic tile adhesive to tile paving, paving the way for the traditional cement mortar. The utility model does not need wet operation, reduces the process flow, and has good bonding effect, and is suitable for being used in the family, or in a relatively small working surface and an ideal working environment.

? ? Four, colorful sealant

?? and sealant is filled with tile gap, because the choice of more color, more flexible in the home. It’s strong, durable solid, alkalization, no shrinkage, no powder, improved the traditional day gap is easy to fall off is determined, the color is more rich.

? Five , wall pavement

?? in the arrangement of tiles, with a 45 degree oblique and vertical paving, alternately using the original monotonous sequence becomes rich change, simple changes in the lines also let the bathroom has stereo feeling, more active atmosphere.

? Six , left seam paving

? This is a kind of antique tiles, mainly to create a