Show the mystery what missile breakdown of the 1800 mm steel plate rainlendar

Show the mystery: what missile breakdown of the 1800 mm steel plate [observer team] Zhuhai airshow reported before the team arrived in Zhuhai on the net, actually began to rumors, Zhuhai exhibited by 1800mm steel plate break! What fight? The 120mm rocket warhead? Based on the existing technology, the weapon caliber and penetration than if it reaches the 1 than the 10 is already the world’s top level, 120mm can reach 1200mm if the armor is already very horrible data, and 1 to 15 ratio, has substantially more than the data, which means that it has exceeded the theoretical limit of the penetration depth of the existing conditions next, it is almost impossible, therefore, on the Internet sparked a lot of attention and discussion. This target is very mysterious, the Observer reported after the team to explore the network show a few days in November 4th, the public on the first day, only 7 and 21 in the blue arrow Arrow missile booth behind, found the pass has been raise a Babel of criticism of the target. Sign clearly identified this is the target arrow 7 warhead, who is playing out in the deep mystery finally solved the arrow 7 missile caliber of about 170mm, the proportion of the penetration depth is still showed about 1 more than the 10, which has greatly surpassed the United States AGM114 Hellfire missiles (178mm diameter) claims the 1400mm penetration by asking of related professionals, look at the target from the target at the end of the shape and can not fully prove that the 7 arrow warhead penetration depth is more than 1800mm, but even this is a very amazing penetration figures, representing the advanced level of Chinese armor Technology相关的主题文章: