Shaoxing men alarm results, but they planted it, the consequences are very serious-tataufo

Shaoxing police man himself planted so do the consequences will be grievous "Hello, 110? My car was stolen… "… November 6th, Shaoxing Keqiao District Qixian Lee police station received the alarm call, said his car was stolen, after the alarm, the police immediately organized investigation. According to Lee’s description, on the same day, the police found the car in Shaoxing East town. According to the police were summoned to the owners, but the owners turned out to be all at sea puzzled, the car went through a second-hand car intermediary to buy. It is really like what he said so? Which in the end who is lying? Alarm Lee, aged 48, from Anhui, for a period of time in Qixian town life, he ran the transportation before, now do other work, so they want to put the van resaled. Because I could not find buyers, he put the car parked on the roadside, and posted a small ad in the car. The afternoon of November 3rd, Lee received a strange phone, the original is the people saw his car to buy. To the buyers, Lee hung up the phone after he hurried to the parking place. After some bargaining parties, soon settled the price. As the truck has reached retirement age, Lee to the final price of 12 thousand and 300 yuan to sell the car to the other. A hand in money after the car, both focusing on the license plate. Lee did not want to sell the license plate, but the other has said, the car is not easy to open the back plate, the traffic police punishment. Then, two people were also discussed for a while. After discussion, the other said he can first pay 100 yuan deposit license plate borrowed, and drove to the destination and then return the license plate. Lee agreed to the proposal. However, the other side will drive away, until the third day, has not returned to the license plate. During Lee to give each other a few phone calls, but the other has no answer. This is Lee worried, he was worried about his license plate hanging on someone’s car, if the other accident is likely to involve him. So, he wants to put the license plate to come back as soon as possible. After deliberation, he finally thought of the police. In order to attract the attention of the police, he decided according to the actual situation, but told the police said his car had been stolen. Originally, to Lee car is a second-hand car intermediary, he from Lee soon after buying the car owners and sold out now. The owner was planning to return the license plate, but later because of busy with other things to forget, the phone has not received, no thought to cause misunderstanding. And Lee also admitted his false alarm, ultimately due to illegal acts alleged false case, Lee was the police administrative detention for 5 days punishment. Non police alarm and alarm invalid class "serious occupation of the limited resources of the police, eventually lead: one is waiting long or do not play into the masses call 110; the two is caused by the waste of police resources; three is really needed to delay the police arrived at the scene of all kinds of Criminal Police intelligence disposal. Do not listen to discourage malicious call 110, serious interference 110 desk work and even false alarm, the police will be based on the legal provisions of administrative penalties for public security, serious enough to constitute a crime, will be held criminally responsible.

绍兴男子报警结果自己却栽了 这么做后果很严重“喂,110吗?我的车被人偷走了… …”11月6日,绍兴柯桥区齐贤派出所接到李某的报警电话,称他的车子被人偷了,接警后,民警立即组织力量展开调查。根据李某的描述,当天,民警就在绍兴东浦镇找到了车。民警依法对车主进行了传唤,可是这车主竟然是丈二和尚摸不着头脑,竟称这车是通过一个二手车中介买来的。事情真的像他所说的这样吗?这其中到底谁在说谎?报警的李某,现年48岁,来自安徽,在齐贤镇生活得有一段时间了,他之前跑过运输,现在又做了别的工作,于是就想把那辆货车转卖掉。因为一时找不到买家,他就把车停在了路边,并在车上贴了小广告。11月3日下午,李某接到一个陌生电话,原来是有人看中了他的车想要购买。等来了买家,李某挂了电话后就匆匆赶去停车的地方。双方一番讨价还价后,很快谈妥了价格。由于货车已经到了报废年限,李某最终以1.23万元的价格将车卖给了对方。一手交钱一手交车后,双方的焦点落到了车牌上。李某不想卖车牌,但对方却表示,车子没有车牌开回去,很容易被交警处罚。接着,两人又商量了一会。经商量,对方称他可以先交100元押金将车牌借走,等把车开到目的地后再将车牌送还。李某同意了对方的提议。不过,对方将车开走后,一直到了第3天,始终没有将车牌送回。期间,李某给对方打了几个电话,但对方一直没有接听。这下李某着急起来,他担心自己的车牌挂在别人车上,万一对方发生事故,很可能牵连到他。于是,他想尽快把车牌要回来。左思右想,他最后想到了报警。为了引起警方的重视,他决定不按实际情况来说,而是告诉民警称自己的车被偷了。原来,向李某买车的是一位二手车中介,他从李某处买车后很快又转手卖给了现在车主。现任车主本来是打算将车牌送还的,但后来因为忙着别的事给忘了,电话也没接到,没想到引起了大误会。而李某也承认了自己报假警,最终因涉嫌谎报案情的违法行为,李某被警方依法予以行政拘留5日的处罚。“非警务类报警和无效报警”严重占用有限的警力资源时,最终容易导致:一是群众拨打110报警电话时出现排队等候或长期打不进;二是造成警力资源的浪费;三是延误真正急需民警到场的各类刑事治安警情的处置。对不听劝阻恶意拨打110报警电话、严重干扰110报警服务台工作甚至谎报警情的人员,警方将依据法律规定予以治安行政处罚,情节严重构成犯罪的,将依法追究刑事责任。相关的主题文章: