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Securities Times Yu Shengliang: what do marathon runners bring us? There are more and more groups flying in every city of China, just for a marathon. The middle class of knowledge has set off a whirlwind of marathon, and Chinese business elites have become the most faithful followers of the marathon. In the circle of friends in the sun walking distance, and friends of the dark spell ranking, compared to sun drying food landscape compared to more style, but also more durable than the once popular aircraft and popular. Marathon is the new favorite of city crowd, but it has been popular for many years. Business leaders have appeared in the long distance running team of each city. If they can take the lead in marathon, they will be more amiable. Even overseas Chinese marathon enthusiasts, many Chinese groups to the United States to participate in marathon race. The 2013 and 2015 shootings in the American marathon caused such a big response in China, because the group of Chinese marathon lovers was too big. Marathon group is more and more big, but the core is the Kochi white-collar elite crowd, they are not particularly valued performance, just love the movement, through the movement, social identity and that attitude. Marathon successfully distinguishes this group from other groups. The first label is leisure. Leisure is an important signal, which indicates that the limited working time can create enough wealth to support themselves and the whole family, old and young. It excludes those who can’t get out of their jobs. "Leisure class" records all kinds of social phenomena, and the dress and behavior of the upper class are always distinguished from others. The function of civilized stick is to appear to have time. Why do British and American people like to bask in the sun? A face sunburn is the subtext of time and money to travel. Chinese and Indians prefer to whiten their faces because they are pale and show no need to participate in outdoor work. However, this situation is reversing in China, because many golf beauties, tanning is also very good, walking in the golf course business men seem handsome and calm – this is actually the money consumption to bring the viewer’s feelings. In addition, another feature of marathon is that it can show the high self restraint ability of the athlete. Now many farmers also have a long time to rest, small businessmen rest a lot of time, but this time is to go shopping, playing games, watching movies or running, show different choice. Marathon and marathon are boring, a marathon is a test of perseverance, lack of fun and excitement of ball games. Instead of talking about heroes, they engage in the challenge of self – ability, and the attitude of self – control and not giving up. And, of course, there’s something more important: This is a populist movement without a threshold. A marathon has a large number of people. In some Chinese cities, the marathon is finally drawn to decide who will take part. It’s a rare sport without a threshold. It doesn’t need to buy too many equipment, and it doesn’t need expensive venues. The marathon doesn’t flaunt itself

证券时报余胜良:马拉松的信徒们 马拉松带给我们什么?   在中国各个城市飞来飞去,只为参加一场马拉松的群体越来越多。有知识的中产阶层掀起一场马拉松旋风,中国商业精英们成为马拉松最忠实的信徒。   在朋友圈中晒步行距离,和朋友们暗拼排名,比晒美食晒风景相比显得更有格调,也比一度流行的打飞机更持久和风行。   马拉松是城市人群的新宠,其实暗地里已经流行好多年了,商业领袖们早就出现在各个城市中的长跑队伍中,如果能在马拉松中带头跑跑,更显得面目可亲。   甚至海外也出现中国马拉松爱好者,不少华人组团到美国参加马拉松比赛。2013年和2015年发生在美国马拉松比赛上的枪击案之所以在中国激起如此大反响,就是由于中国挚爱马拉松的群体太庞大了。   马拉松群体越来越大,但核心是高知白领精英人群,他们并不特别看重运动成绩,只是喜欢这场运动,通过这场运动识别身份、社交和表明态度。   马拉松成功地将这个群体和其他群体区分开来,区分的标签首先是有闲。   有闲是个重要信号,这表明有限的工作时间就可以创造足够财富,能养活自己和一家老小。它将那些在工作中无法脱身的人排除在外。   《有闲阶级》记载了各种社会现象,上流人群的衣着、行为总是要和其他人区别开来,文明棍的作用就是显得自己有时间。   为什么英美人士喜欢晒太阳?一脸晒斑的潜台词就是有时间和金钱可以去旅游。而中国和印度人喜欢美白,是因为脸色惨白显示出不用参加户外劳动,工 作比较轻松干净或者不用工作。不过这种情况正在中国扭转,因为不少打高尔夫球的美女们,晒黑了也很好看,漫步在高尔夫球场的商务男士显得英俊沉稳――这其实都是有钱消费带给观者的感受。   此外,马拉松的另一个特点,是能显示出运动者高度的自我约束能力。   现在不少农民也有很长时间可以休息,小工商业者的休息时间也不少,但是这个时间是用来逛街、打游戏、看电影还是跑步,就显出不同人的选择。   长跑和马拉松过程是枯燥的,一场马拉松就是一场毅力考验,缺少球类运动的乐趣和刺激。从事这种运动者并不以成绩论英雄,而是看挑战自我能力,以及自我控制不放弃的态度。   当然,还有更重要的一点:这是一项没有门槛的平民化运动。   一场马拉松参加人数众多,中国一些城市举行的马拉松最后还要抽签决定谁能参加。这是少有的没有门槛的运动,不需要买太多装备,不需要高昂费用场地。   马拉松并不标榜高高在上,企业领袖可以和普通民众跑在一条马拉松赛道上。潘石屹、郁亮都是马拉松的常客。官员腐败打击了高尔夫等运动,但马拉松压根不存在这种问题。   这项运动参与者可以成功地显示出平民化,又可以和那些不求上进的普通人区分开来,显示出精致生活,对自我严厉要求的奋斗意识。   当然,这是平民意识的狂欢,世界越来越平的一种体现。   这也是一场受西方影响的运动。中国人善于从自然界现象发现规律,古人追求长寿,最长寿的要数乌龟,乌龟就是动作缓慢、一副慵懒做派。当然古代劳力者困苦活的短,也会影响古人观点。   中国的运动类节目电视主持人经常感叹西方国家平民热爱运动,公园里街头上到处是跑步者。现在中国越来越多国人爱上跑步,这说明国人生活质量在提高。生活质量比较高者才会喜欢运动,因为运动可以让人更持久享受生活。   还有很多运动也在蓬勃发展,比如登山和航海,但都比较贵族化;野外徒步运动介于贵族和平民化运动之间,需要住在帐篷里生活在野外一段时间,也相当有挑战性,所需费用不不大不小,也正吸引相当一大批爱好者。   (证券时报记者 余胜良)相关的主题文章: