Rouge TV series nineteenth, twentieth episodes preview 45 episodes complete plot introduction-footman

"Rouge" TV series nineteenth, twentieth episode Trailer   45 set plot is introduced to the finale – Anhui Channel – Rouge thirteenth set introduced Mena reconstruction dead father contacts patriotic soldiers leaving friends on the front the Japanese stronghold to the occupation of Shanghai, in order to maintain the post-war situation, Aoki started going to build super high class Chinese. The management, and to enable the innocent Feng Manna, behind the scenes by Zhou Yuhao operation. Aoki also opened up Feng Zixiong’s former subordinates Zhang Xiang and Jialun, and decided to send Mena to re launch Feng Zixiong’s espionage network. Mena asked the mission with Zhou Yu Hao, Aoki agreed. Zhou Yuhao didn’t want Mena to take part in the bloody espionage, but she knew she had no choice but to agree to fight alongside her. As Jialun entered the casino near the nickname bye scorpions, Mena then stepped forward, first with the beauty and close to the threat of the use of force, make good cooperation with you. Watanabe looked at Zhou Yuhao’s performance again and again, and felt that he was a reliable person. But the suspicious Aoki always doubted the burning stamp, and Feng Zixiong, who had really seen the shadow, was dead, and he was suspicious of Zhou Yuhao. (commissioning editor Liu Ying and Zhang Lei) 《胭脂》电视剧第19、20集剧情预告 45集全集剧情介绍至大结局–安徽频道–人民网   胭脂第13集剧情介绍   曼娜重建亡父联络网爱国战士离开亲友上前线   日军大本营打算全面占领上海,为了维持战后局面,青木开始打算建立中国人组成的特高课进行管理,并且打算启用单纯的冯曼娜,幕后由周宇浩进行运作。青木还将冯子雄原来的部下张翔和嘉伦都启用了起来,打算派曼娜重新将冯子雄的谍报网重新恢复启用,首先就要从西区代号蝎子的棋子开始。曼娜请求此次任务中加上周宇浩,青木欣然同意。周宇浩不希望曼娜参加到沾满鲜血的谍报工作中,但也明白她没得选择,只好同意和她并肩作战。   嘉伦乔装进入赌场接近外号八爷的蝎子,曼娜随后上前,先用美色接近后又用武力威胁,让蝎子乖乖的同意合作。渡边看着周宇浩一次又一次的立功,觉得此人是个可以信赖的人才。但多疑的青木始终对那张烧了个洞的邮票怀疑不已,加上真正见过影子的冯子雄已死,对周宇浩还很是疑心。 (责编:刘颖、张磊)相关的主题文章: