Ritual Before Hajj And Umrah-ca1834

Travel-and-Leisure Choosing a travel agent pilgrimage to provide a "package" a variety of options; there is no travel agency for all products are of equal quality and value. Choose the right agent is crucial. Hope that the representatives of travel agencies will continue to guide and Hajj during the trouble shooter. At this important stage of your preparation, investment of time and effort is depending on it. Conversation may recently use the service to friends and acquaintances asking for their suggestions. Significant between the different travel agencies service quality and pilgrims of the promise of .fort and well-being; a good and responsible agent can be "your pilgrimage, a bad one can easily" break the ". Clearly a travel agency to ask specific questions, and let him give you a specific answer: You stay in Mecca and Medina that there will be what kind of time? What date? Flexible program or make no change, once it is? This change if there are any additional costs? If so, what is it? How far away you are left gray-Haram al-Sharif, both in Mecca and Medina that? Hajj Umrah Packages your place of residence is not within walking distance (10-15 minutes), what type of transportation will be provided from the holy ash Sharif? Is it often during the day? The ceremony of Hajj, and Saudi Arabia’s rules and procedures, customs, immigration is entirely familiar and travel agents on behalf of will at all times with you in it? During the visit, he will stay in Saudi Arabia? You do not want to stay in Saudi Arabia without adequate guidance and assistance. Laws and procedures can be very difficult, frustrating, and time-consuming. Is agent on behalf of the familiar Arabic? If not, will be in Saudi Arabia provide an explanation? Most Saudi authorities do not speak English; Arabic .mand is likely to be limited. You will be traveling in Saudi Arabia option (for example, from Mecca to Medina), you hire a taxi at their own costs, rather than prepaid bus you malign? How from Medina, Jeddah air may return your way, instead of the usual prepaid bus States? This additional expenditure is a good idea. Your package price includes meals? If the agents make efforts to change the menu, You may have your dietary supplement milk, fruits and other food provided by the agents tend to be monotonous, and the lack of various possible a few days later to kill your appetite! The agent will arrange for a representative on Zul Hijjah 10 Day sacrifice? This is a .mon service agents often provide for a small fee. Sacrifice, they will notify you, so you can perform the appropriate ceremony. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: